Pizza Que

So not this Christmas but Last Christmas Josh and Breecia gave us the coolest gift, a Pizzaque, it’s a Pizza oven that you hook up to your propane tank like a BBQ! Well like idiots we let it sit in the box for over a year and our kids kept giving us grief about it. … More Pizza Que

Cabin Life

I am really starting to get used to our yearly trip to Mt. Pleasant our good friends Tony and Shannon invite us to every year. I say Cabin life, but it’s actually a life I would never know in real life, my version of “cabin life” in real life would be a little shack somewhere, … More Cabin Life

Texas Trip

I was getting kind of used to all the traveling I was doing and i was looking forward to a few trips we had planned for this year and then all of that got cancelled on us because of the whole Covid thing and then with my mom’s passing things have just felt out of … More Texas Trip

Stitch Fix #17

Ever since my mom passed away I have had a hard time getting back into my blogging. Add Covid to the mix and I really just couldn’t get motivated to write. It’s been almost three months and I figured I need to start back up, but wasn’t even sure how to do it! Last week … More Stitch Fix #17

Grieving My Mom

The grieving process for my mom has started long before her death. I feel like I have been grieving her for years. It has been the hardest thing I have ever gone through. It has been even harder to explain what was even happening to her to people. I would try to explain it to … More Grieving My Mom

Stitch Fix #15

Wow talk about a good day I got two of my favorite boxes, yep my Stitch Fix and my Fab Fit Fun boxes came on the same day! I will post about the Fab Fit Fun a little later. Today I will be showing you what came in my 15th Stitch Fix Box! Can you … More Stitch Fix #15