Transformation Tuesday/ Open Concept

Todays transformation is the tear down of the wall that separates our front room to our family room. We had the typical front room that nobody ever uses, the only thing nice about it was that it was the only room that was always clean no matter what because nobody ever used it, what a waste of space! I love the open concept floor plans and I wanted our house to feel bigger and more open. We had a half wall separating the front room and living room, I knew i wanted it down, I was super excited for it, maybe the most excited for this than anything else.

Here are some before pictures of the wall and rooms. The wall had a coat closet attached to it too which really stuck out and blocked off the hallway, I hated that so much so we took that out too.

Here it is right after demolition.

Oh my gosh, it instantly opened up the house, all i could think of is why haven’t we done that sooner? Who knew our ceilings were so high?

Next was the mud and tape… Not sure if this was my worst part but it was bad, living in a house while remodeling is not for the faint of heart that’s for sure! Doug and I had a rough couple of months I’m not gonna lie.

I wanted to keep our grasscloth wallpaper because i still love it, so I had to come up with an idea to cover the patch on the wall. So I came up with a wood feature slat wall. It took everyone a minute to understand what I wanted but at the end of the day they got it exactly how I envisioned and I couldn’t me more happier! I also wanted to update our stair rail, we kept the pony wall on the one side to give it a little more privacy and put up black horizontal iron rails, I love how they turned out!

Next was painting, I wasn’t sure we would survive this stage, we had some staining issues and it seemed to take forever to get the color i wanted, i got super frustrated at this point, I didn’t think anything could be worse than the mudding and taping… boy I was wrong. living with everything wrapped up in plastic was so hard and the smell well lets just say we slept well for a week or so and maybe lost a few brain cells. LOL

But at the end of the day I am in love with how open and spacious our house looks now! I love the feature wall, the stair railing and the stain color, it all looks amazing!

I want to say that pictures don’t even do this justice, it feels like a whole new house and that we gained square footage somehow.

Before and after pics

5 thoughts on “Transformation Tuesday/ Open Concept

    1. oh Laura that’s been a nightmare, we thought we could just buy some and patch it up but of course it’s been discontinued so we took some out of closets and behind our fridge and pieced it, doesn’t look the best, but all new flooring was definitely not in the budget, we’ve only had these floors for 5 years!


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