Transformation Tuesday/ Kitchen

Todays transformation Is our Kitchen. We actually did a couple different things to make this transformation. First thing we did was pull down the 1980’s light box from the ceiling and added can lights. It’s amazing how you will live with something you hate for so long, this was an add on, actually the whole kitchen was an add on, the only thing that was in the original plans was to redo the backside of the island to match the wood feature wall we put up. But we figured we were already in it deep, we might as well do everything that has bugged us because I knew this was a once in a lifetime thing, Doug and I will not survive another remodel! LOL

We then decided to to get new countertops because these countertops have been ” temporary” since the day we bought the house, we even painted them probably 6 years ago as another ” temporary” fix and I finally said if we are doing all this other stuff to our house we need to update these awful things, Doug agreed and then of course you cant update the countertops without updating the backsplash, so out that came too! There was definitely a domino effect happening here.

I went in thinking i was definitely gonna get quartz countertops but after looking at a million slabs i ran across one that I couldn’t stop thinking about and it was Granite. I was nervous about it, I wasn’t sure i was making the right choice but once it got installed I knew i made the right choice, it’ so pretty!! We went with Viscount White Granite. We also went with a really simple white subway tile, I wanted to keep it simple and classic, but i chose longer ones to make it a little more unique.

When we tore out the closet on the wall in the front room we just thought we can just buy some more of our flooring and patch that little section up, well come to find out it’s been discontinued! We called every flooring shop in the world it seemed and nobody had a single piece of this stuff left and we had no room in this budget for all new floors so we decided to take the other little pantry we have in our kitchen and turn that into a little nook and steal the flooring out of it in hopes it would be enough.

Next while we were at it I figured we should frame out our fridge because it looked as if the previous owners just decided to rip the cupboards that were above the fridge right off, we just dealt with it, but if we are doing all this other stuff to the kitchen, I saw no reason to deal with that eyesore anymore, so we framed that out too. This master bathroom remodel has really snowballed! LOL

next let’s talk about the island, it’s a very strange shape but in order to change that we would have to have more flooring and we knew that was not an option so we settled on refacing the back of the island because the metal crap we put on there if i am being honest I didn’t like it the moment we put it up but you know not all ideas are good ones and sometimes you just have to deal with them.

We ended up getting a really cool black kitchen faucet and replacing the hardware on the cupboards to black. We also added a this light fixture that was originally intended for the bathroom but was WAY too big for the bathroom, but works perfectly over the kitchen sink and I loved it way too much to not use somewhere in the house.

Now that little nook we made out of the closet, we added some cupboards and countertops and tiled all the way up wall then added floating shelves. I love how cute this little nook is! Also love that it eliminated yet another door, I never realized how many freakin doors we had in our kitchen before!

When we started our remodel I had no idea our kitchen would become part of it and can i tell you I am so happy it was! I love it so much!

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