Transformation Tuesday/ Butler Pantry

One thing that has happened this year that I wasn’t expecting was how much time I would be at home and me spending too much time at home means I can’t ignore all the things that needed updating in the house. What started out as a simple master bathroom remodel has turned into a little bit more… to say it’s been easy would be a lie, but we are finally nearing the end of it all and I think I will start sharing some of the transformations. So for today’s Tuesday Transformation I am going to share with you our pantry transformation.

Some of you may not know this but we had a little elevator lift in our home, which did come in handy once or twice when Doug’s mom was still alive, but we mostly used it as a storage closet for suitcases and other random junk and it was a pretty good Christmas present hiding place. but it was super sketchy, there was no wall on the one side, it was scary to me so we always kept it locked. Because of this space our pantry was tiny and super cramped. I’ve hated it from day one, but we just didn’t know how to get rid of this Lift without some major demolition. Well we were already doing major renovations to the bathroom what’s a little more?

pantry before

elevator lift

We lived with this gaping hole for a week and I knew one of us was going to fall down it, well as luck would have it, it didn’t happen but it freaked me out big time!

We had to move our panty into the kitchen, I set up some metal racks and we lived like this for a few months… I am sure i gained weight having all our food out in the open like that!

first thing I did was pick the flooring for my pantry, i wanted to give this little panty a butler pantry vibe, I spotted these black and white tiles and knew i had to have them!

Next I had to think of a layout for what I wanted, I knew I wanted my water cooler to be tucked in there and all my appliances I dont use on the daily so I came up with a plan. I decided to add butcher block countertops kind of last minute and I am so glad I did.

I would like to say this is my favorite part of our renovation, but we did so many fun things I can only say it is one of my favorite things we did. I love it so much! I cant believe how much time i have spent in it!

here are the side by side before and afters… pictures really don’t do them justice.

I don’t know if you can tell but we eliminated two doors doing this too! Looks so much more open and cleaner. I can’t wait to share with you more of what we have done. ( and by we, I mean our contractors Justin and Chase from Aspen Ridge Custom Homes) I wish Doug and I had those kinds of skills! I just had the vision and they made it happen!

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