FabFitFun Winter 2020

With my fall box coming so late I was sort of surprised how fast i got my Winter box! I got it a week or so ago and I have been the worst at blogging lately, I hope that sharing this box will inspire me to share more of what has been going on in my life lately. I most definitely have been in a rut for what i would say is almost a year… lol this year has been rough, but these boxes have been a bright spot for sure!

The first choices were from all of these, whoa so many choices how do you just pick one? Well…you don’t, i narrowed it down to two, the blanket ( this was in another box i got but i gave it to Tyler, he loves it, so i figured i needed one for myself) and the Robe.

Both are so soft and comfy, I’m not sad I picked them, even though the robe is super unflattering, who cares when it’s as soft and warm as it is?

Next two choices came from these

I picked the mirror and the eye shadow pallet. I love the mirror but it has a hard time staying in the position I want it to stay in, which is a huge bummer, I am sort of kicking myself for not picking the ceramic mugs and scarf. Oh well. maybe I will get another chance some other box.

The next two choices came from these choices.

I immediately saw the Tula and knew I had to have it! I have the blue version of this stuff and I love it so it was a no brainer. I also picked the Muk Luk cabin socks because I’m loving all things cozy and comfy right now. But I also added on the Epare’ cutting board set cause you can never have enough of those things.

The last three choices where up to FabFitFun.

I ended up with The Whish Lip Scrub, the Phase Zero Makeup Making moves Blusher and the Noir jewelry Ombre Leopard scrunches. I would say out of all those choices I would pretty much choose all of those myself, but I would have liked to try the Lucky Star Blemish patches because i mean look how cute!

I also got a few little bonus items, I am not sure if everyone got these but It was a nice surprise. The Kind bar didn’t last long.

Well there you have it, another fun box. I really enjoy these boxes, anything I don’t want or need I put in the cupboard for quick and easy gifts to have on hand. The value of this box retails for $372.45

Also this was the first time when i checked out that I had to option to add on some things called a box boost, I ended up adding on this set of shampoo, conditioner and leave in treatment by living proof for only $19 ( reg $88)

If you ever have wanted to try FabFitFun out now would be a good time, I have 10 starter boxes to give away for free, they are valued at $75 and have 3 or 4 full sized products in them. Message me if you are interested. Or if you just want to sign up for the regular boxes use this code https://share.fabfitfun.com/x/7NeEMZ to get a free mini box with your seasonal subscription.

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