Stitch Fix #17

Well I can’t believe it’s been another 3 months already. But I will say I am definitely ready for some new clothes. I feel like I am in a rut lately. I am sure I am not alone in this but sweatshirts and jeans have become my new uniform. I need some spice in my life. This fix I asked my stylist for a pair of black jeans and a cute pair of sneakers that could be dressed up or down. I was really looking forward to this box.

At first glance I was shocked at how boring this looked…But I have learned to not make judgements until after I open and try everything on.

Let’s first start with the shoes These are Karen Recycled Knit Sneaker by Blondo. I am not going to lie at first glance I was not impressed and naming them Karen didn’t help things either… Major grandma looking shoes to me, but I decided to not make any decisions until I tried them on.

Um… not sold on these, these are soooo comfortable I just don’t know if they are “me”. I mean I am old enough to be a grandma but I’m not one yet so not sure about these. LOL

Next Is the Gina Crew Neck Pullover by PINQUE. This is a super basic sweater nothing to write home about but I am not gonna lie, it’s right up my alley so I wasn’t sad about this awesome basic.

It is a little on the tighter side, I went to go exchange it for a Medium and they were sold out, so I decided to keep it and hope the recent 10 lb gain will be shed here soon. ( ya I know the holidays are almost here, a girl can dream right?) Notice the sneakers… not a look I would normally rock, but I don’t hate it. It’s Covid comfy, seems to be a thing.

Next up is the black jeans. I guess when asking for them I didn’t specify what type of jeans. I assumed I would get skinny jeans or maybe even boyfriend because that is what they usually send me, these were a straight Leg Jean by Cosmic Blue Love. It’s been awhile since I’ve worn a straight leg pant. I don’t hate them and to be honest I was just relieved they actually fit!

Next up is the Papermoon Larie Tie Sleeve Blouse. This is the only “fun” thing in the box and I think they know by now that I fall for all fun sleeve things so they seem to always throw something like that in for me.

I know I asked for sneakers to dress up or down with but Im not feeling them with this top, it’s definitely better when paired with the jean jacket but still think it would be cuter with boots. But I like that I have the option to do both.

And finally up is the Black Laysie Ribbed Open Cardigan By Evolution By Cyprus. Another Basic but you can never go wrong with a black cardigan, so again not mad.

So there you have it. My 17th fix and I still am learning to try things I wouldn’t normally try. The beauty of the box!

If you would like to give Stitch Fix a try Click on the link for $25 off your first fix! That’s like trying it out for free!!

***Update, I decided to keep the sneakers because they are so comfy and I got a couple compliments on them from a few 30 somethings so maybe they aren’t as grandma as I thought…or they were just trying to make a grandma feel good ;P LOL At this point I don’t really care they are Covid Comfy remember that people.

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