Playa Del Carmen 2021

We decided to take our 4th annual January friends trip back to Playa Del Carmen. We actually ended up back at the same resort as last year, The Ocean Maya Royale, we got a really good deal and figured why not? I honestly was skeptical that it would really happen because of all the other trips Doug and I have had to cancel in 2020, but we figured we would give it a try. Well as luck would have it we were able to go! Of course a few days before we left, they announced that beginning January 26th you would have to be tested before coming back home, but luckily we were coming home on the 24th so we dodged a bullet with that one.

I guess I didn’t really think about how much things would of changed since we were there last year. First off the resort was only at 35% capacity, which was awesome because it wasn’t crowded at all so there was no issues finding chairs or anything like That.

But There was also a downside to that too, they didn’t have all the restaurants and buffets open every day, and not only that, all the restaurants had limited menus, so it seemed that they got rid of all the stuff I remembered being good, I am a very picky eater so this was a huge bummer!! they only had the buffet open for breakfast which means there was no back up for when the food wasn’t good at the restaurants… needless to say I didn’t gain any weight this trip which I guess was a blessing but I really missed that part of our trip, over indulging on yummy food is one of my favorite things to do!( which explains why I need to lose 15 lbs.) Another thing that sucked was some of my favorite entertainment didn’t happen like the dance party on the beach or the foam parties, of course I understand why, it just sucks, and don’t get me started on all the mask wearing!! Everywhere you went you had to sanitize your hands which I really apricated but what was the deal with these?

Before entering any store or restaurant we went to we had to step on one of these before going in, I swear this was new this year too. I could maybe see if it was to get sand off your shoes but this was totally a new thing, part of the Covid prevention I think, step on these and then use hand sanitizer, some places even took temperatures. I get all the precautions but someone please explain to me the feet thing!

Yes things looked a little different this year, but it was totally worth it to get out of the cold and enjoy the warm sunshine and relax with some good friends and not worry about everyday life for a week. I will share some of the highlights of our trip over the next couple days.

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