Shopping On 5th Avenue

The first couple of days we were in Mexico it was kind of rainy and colder, so we decided it would be a good time to go into town and do some shopping on 5th Ave. Last year when we went I really didn’t enjoy it because of all the scammers. This time I just ignored them when they tried to tell me they were my waiter at our resort, so annoying, we got told that so many times I lost count, not to mention all the times Doug was offered weed or blow! LOL

It was crazy how less crowded everything was. Every restaurant and store was empty, it was so weird to see the difference from a year ago. I did manage to find a few silver treasures, but it’s so hard to trust anyone there. I may have gotten a good deal or totally scammed, I guess time will tell. This guy was a really good salesman, I probably am the hugest sucker, but when they are nice and seem sincere I fall for it every time. I did make him take a pic with us so if my jewelry ends up being fake I know how to find him again! LOL

We ate lunch there too, it was ok, we were shocked at how easy it was to get a table, literally nobody there! Which concerns me a little, I always feel better when I know they are cranking out food all day you know what I mean?

It ended up being a fun day.

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