Catamaran Trip to Isla MuJeres

We decided we wanted to at least do one excursion while on this trip. we talked about doing all sorts of things like zip lining and horse back riding, but if you know me at all those two things would cause me high anxiety and kind of ruin my trip, I would do them, but it would consume my every thought until it was over, so I was very relieved when we decided on taking a Catamaran out to Isla Mujeres instead. We booked it with one of the beach vendors that we chatted with everyday, Christian Ardon, he is the best kind of salesman there is, a very no pressure type, he just gives you the info and let the decision be up to you. I for one really appreciate that type of sales, we were even able to negotiate doing a private Catamaran trip with just our group. By doing that we could pretty much decide how long we wanted to do each activity. This excursion included snorkeling, Isla Mujeres and lunch at a private beach club, it also included pick up to and from our hotel. Because we had a private tour we could decide when to do what, we decided we wanted to snorkel last so we didn’t have to shop and eat all wet.

The crew was awesome, they took care of everything and even let Tony drive us to the island, Tony is a captain so he knows how to drive a boat. I love being on a boat, something about it makes me so happy, must be the California in me. Poor Doug gets seasick but he took something and seemed to do ok, he’s a good sport, maybe next time I will try to ride a horse…is there a pill I can take for that?

First stop was to check out the small island. I think we stayed for an hour and a half, that was plenty of time to check it all out. we walked the shops, next time I think I would rent a golf cart. It was a cute little island, but it seemed to me that they all were so desperate to have people come into their little shops, I hate saying no to people and I know they are all hurting from the slow down of tourism, so that part was kind of rough on me. I can only imagine that there is usually way more people here on the streets.

After we hopped back on the boat and headed to lunch. Lunch was a nice homemade Mexican meal. At first glance I wasn’t too happy with what it looked like, but I decided to just try a little of everything and it was so good to me! It must of been good because I totally forgot to take a pic! LOL After we ate we had some time to hang out on the beach, Doug and I found a couple of swings and hung out on them and just soaked it all in.

Next it was back on the boat to go snorkeling. We probably snorkeled for about an hour, not gonna lie I’ve seen better, but it was nice to be able to get in the water and cool off before our ride back. Doug is so sweet, he really didn’t want to snorkel but he went with me anyways and held my hand while I checked it out. Ya, He’s a keeper.

What a fun day! I am so glad we decided to do something like this. while I love relaxing and doing nothing, there is something about getting out and seeing and doing too that I really like.

If you find yourself in Cancun and want to take a day trip to Isla Mujeres or any other tour I suggest giving Christian an email or call. Here’s his card. Tell him the non drinkers sent you! LOL

2 thoughts on “Catamaran Trip to Isla MuJeres

  1. Omg I loved this… I’m not the type of a reading person
    But I just took all the time to read and enjoy every single picture.. my not drinking friends. Thank you for the trust on our local company. It was my pleasure helping you and chat with you everyday.
    Hope to see you soon 🏖 🌞


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