Photo Dump And A Funny Story

I will start with the funny story. One day on our trip Doug ,Tony, Dan and Amy all decided to go golfing. Shannon, Amie, Craig and I decided to stay back at the resort and chill. Amie was up in the spa getting a massage while Craig, Shannon and I were laying out by the beach soaking up the sun. It was morning and the ocean had stirred up a whole bunch of seaweed and made the water look disgusting. We had been playing the would you do this or that for x amount of dollars game all week, so when I saw that water I asked Shannon would you jump into that water for $1000?

She was like heck I would jump in for $100! We then asked Craig what’s the least amount he would do it for and he said I’d do it for $5! We were like ok, then he was like, $5 from both of you and I was like sure, then I started looking at the crappy water again and just then, no joke a Twenty dollar bill stirred up from the mucky waters, at first I thought I was seeing things, but No there literally was a twenty dollar bill thrashing around in the water, so I said Craig how about for Twenty bucks because there’s a $20 right there!! NO WAY what are the odds of that? Craig was just about to jump in but then thought better of it, not knowing how deep the waters were there, so he walked around to go walk in while Shannon and I kept an eye on the money, well it was a good thing because it was super shallow there, so jumping in would definitely be an ankle breaker, probably not quite worth $20. But the funny thing is when he was getting the $20 another bill immerged it was a five dollar bill! So of course at this point we were hoping that there was more where those came from, but no such luck! We literally stared at the water for at least an hour on and off waiting for more money to come Rollin in. But honestly what are the odds that we would be talking about jumping in for money and money mysteriously appears in the water?!?! So crazy right?

The word got out and all the workers and vendors kept coming over to check the water out to see if any more money from the sea gods was there! Maybe you had to be there but it totally made our day!

There rest of our trip was made up of laying out, taking walks along the beach, eating, playing games and enjoying the nightly entertainment. Tony even sang Karaoke this time around… maybe I will post that video too. Here is a photo dump of some the many pics I took through out the week.

Here’s Tony’s Karaoke performance … last year we couldn’t talk him into doing it, he said he only had one regret from last year and that was that he didn’t sing Karaoke so this year he totally redeemed himself! LOL

Another great trip! I Cant wait till our next adventures!

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