Stitch Fix #19

This fix I asked my stylist for some fun spring/ summer shirts and maybe a pair of cute sandals for my upcoming trip to Florida. Remember this is only my second fix with my new stylist, I wasn’t sure what to expect… I will say, I was pretty disappointed in the fix, but remember new stylists mean new learning on both parts, mine on how I say things and hers for trying to get my style… I don’t even really know what my style is, if I like it, I like it… there’s no rhyme or reason really, so I can see how this could be a hard job.

First off this is how my box came…all wrapped up in cellophane and a note from the post office, I wasn’t even too sure everything would even be in there!

But as luck would have it surprisingly it was all there. I decided to have an open mind about this fix but I wasn’t too happy at first glance.

I knew right away those sandals were going back, If you have Fred flintstone feet like I do you know these sandals are not flattering at all! super sad about that.

Next was the GoldRay Garmina Asymmetric Cold Shoulder Top. First off I asked for short sleeves no sleeveless or tanks… so a cold shoulder shirt while technically has sleeves… this is not what I had in mind and its black… not quite beachy to me! Just all around not my style, not to mention its super form fitting… not my thing, although Doug wanted me to keep it, it was going back! LOL

Next up is the Papermoon Reece Mixed Material Top. Can I tell you I have at least two tops exactly like this and in a navy blue too and I told them every time, I don’t like the mixed material tops, I want party in front and back, not sure why you would want a print in front and t-shirt material in back? Makes me feel like they ran out of material or cant afford a full shirt! LOL So ya this one is going back too! So bummed… I also don’t love the sleeves on this one, just a little too short for my liking… ya, I have upper arm issues!

Next up is the Market and Spruce Denver Front Twist Brushed Knit Top. This one I actually liked, but not exactly for a trip to Florida, but for a Utah spring, this will come in handy. I decided to keep this one.

And last was the Kaileigh Amandine Knit Dress. This dress did nothing for me when I saw it and even worse when I tried it on! LOL I felt like this was a church dress for a little girl. While I am guilty of dressing younger than my age, this one definitely missed the mark and again, doesn’t scream beach vibes either. I even tried it with some beachy shoes… not a match. I also tried with the sandals they sent, also bad.

I was so close to sending all 5 items back, but Doug talked me into keeping the white top. I wrote all my complaints with my return and I immediately got offered a new fix, they will be sending that out next week! So fingers crossed they get this one right!

I guess they all cant be winners. But It is still really fun to get to try these on and really get a feel of what styles you like and don’t like. Stay tuned for next weeks fix!

2 thoughts on “Stitch Fix #19

  1. Thanks for sharing. I am with you on all of this.if I don’t like something on me I won’t wear smart,but I did think you looked cute in most of it.


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