Fab Over 40 Second Rounds starting now!

First off I want to thank all my family and friends for all your votes that have gotten me this far! I made 3rd place in the first round out of 57 women! That was very unexpected and I am so grateful for you all! Now the hard part is I have to continue to … More Fab Over 40 Second Rounds starting now!

Hawaii ( Day 5)

We really wanted to go to The other side of the island, we only had 6 days, which to be honest isn’t really enough time to see and do everything we wanted to do, There is a reason they call it The Big Island, because it’s huge! We did a lot of driving on this … More Hawaii ( Day 5)

Hawaii (Day 4)

Today we didn’t really have plans in the day, we wanted to go to the lava tubes but they were still closed. We knew we couldn’t go too far because we had a luau to go to at 4:30 So we just drove down the freeway until We saw a turn off that we noticed … More Hawaii (Day 4)

Hawaii ( Day 3)

Today Doug and Haden decided to wake up really early and go golfing. The rest of us decided we would try to sleep in a bit and make breakfast and hang out til they were done. The Lanai’s are relaxing and I loved just sitting out there while eating our breakfast and chatting with my … More Hawaii ( Day 3)

Hawaii ( Day 2)

Today we woke up, made some breakfast and then decided to go check out the The Kona Farmer’s Market. It was a small little market but they had lots of variety and it was just big enough, but not too big. We got some yummy fresh fruits and a few little souvenirs. It was really … More Hawaii ( Day 2)