Cabo San Lucas

This was our final stop. We searched the excursions and when we stumbled upon the opportunity to ride Camels, You know we jumped on it!! I mean I thought I would have to go to Dubai or someplace like that to experience riding camels, so I was pretty pumped about this one! But the closer … More Cabo San Lucas


Our next stop was Mazatlán. I’ve never been there before but I had read that it isn’t the best port? We decided it would be a good day to do some beach time. We found an excursion that took us to a resort that had both beach and pool access, at the El Cid Marina … More Mazatlán

Puerto Vallarta

Our first stop was Puerto Vallarta, This was our only stop that we didn’t have anything planned. We decided to spend the day at the Malecon. We grabbed a Taxi off the cruise port, They charged us $5 a person which we didn’t feel was too much, I am sure you could get one cheaper … More Puerto Vallarta


This has been one of the worst winters we’ve had here in Utah for a very long time, all winters are bad for me but this one has been extra bad! Not only that but for the past 4 years in a row we have gone to Mexico with friends in February which helps me … More Honolulu

Hawaii ( Day 5)

We really wanted to go to The other side of the island, we only had 6 days, which to be honest isn’t really enough time to see and do everything we wanted to do, There is a reason they call it The Big Island, because it’s huge! We did a lot of driving on this … More Hawaii ( Day 5)

Hawaii (Day 4)

Today we didn’t really have plans in the day, we wanted to go to the lava tubes but they were still closed. We knew we couldn’t go too far because we had a luau to go to at 4:30 So we just drove down the freeway until We saw a turn off that we noticed … More Hawaii (Day 4)