Stitch Fix #20

A couple weeks ago I got my 19th fix and I was pretty upset about how wrong they got it and they offered to send me out a new box, I keep forgetting to share my 20th fix, but wait no longer, because here it is! First right off the bat I was digging the … More Stitch Fix #20

Stitch Fix #19

This fix I asked my stylist for some fun spring/ summer shirts and maybe a pair of cute sandals for my upcoming trip to Florida. Remember this is only my second fix with my new stylist, I wasn’t sure what to expect… I will say, I was pretty disappointed in the fix, but remember new … More Stitch Fix #19

Hawaii: Diamond Head, Leanords Bakery, Dole Whips, Byodo-In Temple

Today we woke up early to go hike Diamond Head. We hike it every time we come to Oahu but I always forget about all those stairs! lol It  was a sad reminder me that I need to get in better shape! I was definitely breathing heavier than I wanted on that little hike!! When … More Hawaii: Diamond Head, Leanords Bakery, Dole Whips, Byodo-In Temple

Yanny or Laurel??

Remember the whole blue or white dress debate? Well now it’s not our eyes that are messing with us it’s our ears! Haden had me listen to this yesterday and it clearly was saying Yanny… today I showed it to Doug and Tyler and again clearly it’s saying Yanny, Doug hears Laurel and Tyler says … More Yanny or Laurel??


While shopping in San Diego I discovered the beauty of this color changing gem called Zultanite. I had never even heard of it before, but what got me was that this ring changed colors in different light sources. Yep that’s all it takes sometimes to sell me on something, I love jewelry and really love … More Zultanite