Cabo San Lucas

This was our final stop. We searched the excursions and when we stumbled upon the opportunity to ride Camels, You know we jumped on it!! I mean I thought I would have to go to Dubai or someplace like that to experience riding camels, so I was pretty pumped about this one! But the closer I got to it, the more scared I got. You guys I wont even get on a horse because they scare me, what made me think riding a camel would be any less scary!? LOL What scared me the most was getting on and off the camel which I was quickly relieved once we got there because we didn’t have to start out with the camel sitting on the ground. They had large platforms that we just climbed up on then got onto the camels back while they were already standing! Whew! That was a relief!!

But they did warn us that camels like to sit down and if your camel decides to sit down to just relax and enjoy the ride! what?!? I really wish they hasn’t said that because that’s all I kept thinking about! Man that stressed me out! They also suggested we stretch before we got on the camel, I was like how do you stretch for that? I barely know how to stretch before I exercise not sure what I was supposed to do before riding a camel?!? Well quickly I learned it’s the groin, stretch out the groin muscles! Lol between worrying that my camel would suddenly take a seat and the pain in my groin I was glad our ride was only 25 minutes long! But man what a cool experience! Not to mention the scenery, we were riding right along a secluded beach! It was beautiful!

They had us put all of our belongings in a big box no cell phones or cameras allowed, but they assured us they would have drones and people out taking pictures, uh oh how much is this gonna cost us? When we got back we collected all of our belongings and they took us on a little nature hike and told us all about the different plants and cacti. Once we were done with that we arrived at the food and the pictures. They had us take a look at the pictures and settle up if we wanted then come out for a real authentic Mexican lunch. Well after the initial shock of how much they wanted for these pictures and video and getting over how big I looked even compared to a massive animal ( way to much carnival melting cake and ice cream cones!)we decided we would regret not having Evidence that we did indeed ride a camel! So we bought them! Now I can officially check off Riding a Camel off the bucket list!

Next up was lunch. I’ve been to plenty of Mexican excursions and I always look forward to the real authentic Mexican food, but this food was just ok, they had Mole chicken which I’m not a fan of and everything else was just ok. No biggie but I was a little disappointed. While we were eating our guide showed us how to make homemade tortillas from scratch and by scratch I mean starting out with kernels of corn and grounding it to a paste! Then he shared that in Mexican families the mom will wake up early everyday to make tortillas for the day, usually 5 tortillas per person per meal a day?! Wow that’s a lot of tortillas! I’m pretty sure I would be a Terrible Mexican mom I’d probably sneak and buy tortillas so I could sleep in 😂🤣😂

After lunch they had some tequila tasting. Some of us decided to give them a try… I mean when in Rome…. But man there was not a single good tasting one in the bunch! Lol but hey at least we tried! lol

Then it was back on to the bus for the ride back to port, but before that, for some reason we had to get into these trucks to get to the bus, they had us all jammed into the back and for some reason Nancy and I ended up having to stand, it was kind of a crowded, wild and super bumpy ride, I told Nancy I should snap this, she said ” there’s no way you could do that while trying to stand up!” well Challenge excepted! LOL

This port was a shorter stop so we had to head back to the ship right after we got back from the excursion. Luckily I have been to Cabo before otherwise I would of been a little sad to not see more of it. It was another beautiful day, a little chilly, but compared to home we would take it any day!!

The next day was our last day and it was a sea day. It was not warm at all and it was a little rainy too, so we did a lot of eating and chillin that day. What a great trip! I am so glad I have sisters who are willing to spend time together like this. It really is a great way to keep close. I look forward to our next trip and hoping that someday we can convince our brothers to join us! Now that would be a blast!!

I will say that I was pretty proud of myself, I am not in the best of shape right now and I have a couple of bad knees but I always make it a goal to not take the elevators while on the ship, I only rode them on the last day because we kept our luggage so we would of had to lug it down 8 flights of stairs and I didn’t think I could do that, well not without making a huge commotion! lol We did end up doing it for the last flight of stairs and the looks we got, let’s just say, a few of them would of killed us! People are so ornery sometimes!

Here is the Video of us riding the Camels… we paid a pretty penny for them so I am sharing! Got to get my moneys worth!!! And it turned out super cool! I am so glad we got it!! ( we are on the second and third camel)

Another successful sister’s trip on the books! I am already looking forward to our next one!!


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