Sister’s Trip 2021(Madeira, Florida)

Every couple of years me and my three sisters try to get together and do a trip, we started our sister’s trips WAY back when my kids were just little and we would always work our trips around Christmas shopping. Since most of our kids are too old to buy a bunch of cheap toys from outlet malls we have graduated to even better trips. The last couple have been cruises but obviously that isn’t an option right now, we were pushing three years since our last trip and we were all feeling the need to get away, we decided to go to to Florida this time around. We found an Airbnb Condo that sits right on the beach, which is perfect for us, all we wanted to do was to chill and hang out in the sun and basically have no responsibilities for a few days!

We started our trip off with pedicures, One of my oldest ( meaning we’ve been friends since I was 4.not old as in old) Friends Becky lives like 15 mins away from where we were staying so she met us there too! What a great way to kick off our beach vacay!

*stupid masks really make picture taking hard! LOL and yes my nose is out of my mask, the dang thing wouldn’t stay on!

The rest of the week was filled with beach walks, sunset cruise, shopping, eating and talking til the wee hours of the night, it was a total blast, I always love spending time with my sisters! We are all about 7 years apart, so we didn’t grow up super close, but these trips we’ve been taking have bridged those age differences and I feel like they are not only my sisters but my best friends! And having Becky there was a Huge bonus…. my sisters where so awesome to include her in all our activities and dubbed her the bonus sister! What a great Week! I am already looking forward to our next one!!

HUGE Photo Dump ahead!

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