We are Selling our houses

About a year or so ago Doug and I were talking with our good friends Tony & Shannon and Dan & Niccole, we were talking about how fun it would be to all be neighbors. We started dreaming up all the fun things we could do, have exercise buddies, travel buddies, someone to sit on the front porch and talk about everyday life, game nights, and get togethers, someone to keep an eye on the others house when they were out of town, etc., etc.. When we first started talking about it, I thought it was all just talk. But one day Tony let us know he found some lots in Salem, Doug and I were not too sure about moving so far away, but we entertained the idea, just for fun. We loved the area and the views, but again it was so far away from my family and all my other friends. We decided if this was going to happen we all needed to reserve these lots, because as we all know lots and homes are going like hotcakes right now. We reserved a lot, but Doug and I still weren’t convinced this would actually happen. Well over time we toyed with the idea over and over in our heads, and it all just made sense to give it a try. We have lived in our house over 15 years and we have loved the neighborhood and location, we raised our three boys here and there are so many wonderful memories here, but our boys are all grown and out of the house, when we talked to them about it, surprisingly they were on board and very supportive of us. But I think the thing that kind of sealed the deal was when I found out that my sister Nancy and her Husband Peter reserved a lot too and would be right down the street from us! So after many, many hours of going back and forth I think Doug and I are ready. ( I say think, because I still kind of don’t believe it) This is a great family home, in the perfect location, it will be hard to say goodbye!

We live in Highland, Tony & Shannon live in Spanish Fork and Dan & Niccole live in Mapleton. We all decided to sell our homes ourselves. Tony came up with the idea of holding Open houses all on the same day, He had a website built to showcase our homes. The Open House(s) is This Saturday May 1st! You can view all of our homes and get all the details and times at this website. https://www.tourourhome.com/

Please if you know of anyone who is looking for homes in any one of these areas, send them to this link! Also we welcome buying agents and will pay the buying agents fee on any accepted offers but WE DO NOT WANT TO LIST, PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME CONTACTING US TO LIST!!! Thank you and Hope to see you Saturday!

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