Stitch Fix #20

A couple weeks ago I got my 19th fix and I was pretty upset about how wrong they got it and they offered to send me out a new box, I keep forgetting to share my 20th fix, but wait no longer, because here it is!

First right off the bat I was digging the colors this time around, I felt like they have been sending me nothing but Navy blue the last couple of fixes so right off the bat I noticed this one would be better!

First off was the Kaden Pleated Blouse by FUN2FUN. I noticed right away the shorter sleeves which I was pretty specific in my details of what I wanted and super short sleeves was one thing I said I did not want… this shirts sleeves was borderline too short, but I thought I would give it a try…

Next up was the Rica Knit Crop Jumpsuit by KAILEIGH. This is super cute, I wasn’t sure I needed another jumpsuit because I don’t tend to grab for them often, but it was super cute and Doug loved it, so I should take that as I should not wear my uniform of jeans so much, but dang it I love my jeans!

Next up are these super cute Plume Ankle Strap Espadrille Wedge by DV8. I love me a cute wedge and I don’t have any in this color, which can go with almost anything so yep they are a keeper.

Next up is the Kenova Skinny Distressed Rolled Jeans by Studio Blue… They know how to get me, I can never have enough pairs of jeans, Jeans are my jam and If they fit, you know I’m buying! I’m a sucker for a good comfy pair of jeans.

And finally was the Colter Split Neck top by BRINA & ELM. They got me with the sleeves… how cute are these sleeves? As I have said before give me a cute sleeve and I have a really hard time resisting!

So I guess it pays to complain and wait till they get it just right. I decided to keep everything, even the top that the sleeves feel too short, because it’s cheaper to keep all 5 items then to send one back. You get a discount of 25% off if you keep all 5. I’m sure I will wear that top, it will be cute with a cardigan or jean jacket. So don’t give up hope when you get discouraged by your fixes, it takes some time for the stylists to get to know your style and for you know how to word things just right.

If you would like to give stitch fix a try, click on this link to get $25 off your first fix!

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