Stitch Fix #18

I got my 18th fix today! whoa how time flies! This fix I didn’t even ask for anything specific I just said surprise me. I have had the same stylist this whole time so I figured she would just know me enough to pull a fix together for me, well I got my fix and the first thing I noticed was that I had a new stylist! I think on my review of my last fix I put I was open to a new stylist, just because I thought it might be fun to switch things up but I totally forgot about that when I left the note to surprise me so I was a little concerned. Well at first glance I was pleasantly surprised!

First thing I noticed was the pair of DIBA Vivian Suede Booties, I always love me a good pair of booties and i especially liked the color and the fact that the heel wasn’t too high.

These are so cute but they were WAY too big! Here’s a pic of a pair of booties I own in a size 7.5 next to these which are also marked 7.5

I will exchange these for a smaller size because they are so cute and I can tell they will be super comfy too!

Next thing that caught my eye was the Dalia Brushed Knit Top by Nine Britton. This thing has all the things I look for in a top, cute, comfy, a color I dig and to top it all off animal print!! What’s not to love about that?

Next up is the Raelyn Boat Neck Long Sleeve Pullover by Pink Clover. This is another cute comfy sweater, I always love me some stripes and the cute ones on the sleeves are a bonus!

Yes I needed to wash my mirror before taking pics, I noticed after I was done, sorry Not retaking them so this will have to do. LOL

Next up is the Amarah Super Soft Button Down Shirt by Mello Day. Again all these items are so soft and cozy, she really hit the nail on the head with the textures, I love me some soft and cozy clothes! I like the color of this plaid shirt too. Natural colors are my jam, but I have been focusing so much on getting some color in my wardrobe I have forgotten how much I love my tans and browns.

The shirt is on the longer side, I don’t think I would ever wear it untucked unless I wear it open with a shirt under.

Finally are these jeans I have on in all these pictures. They are Darren Roll Cuff Girlfriend Jeans by STS Blue. They fit ok, not the best fitting jeans I’ve gotten, they pull in the back and are a little low in the back as well, but since I am keeping everything else in this fix Its cheaper to keep them and get the 25% off for keeping all 5 items. I can wear these with a belt, I am totally used to my jeans not fitting correctly, that’s what happens when you have a big high butt! LOL

I really liked this fix, I liked how everything kind of mixed and matched, I even tried combining the sweaters with the plaid shirt to see how that would work.

Not bad if I’m feeling kind of wild!

Just wanted to share how the exchange process works, the first time I had to do it I was kind of bummed thinking what a pain in the butt that it would be, but nope it’s super easy, when you go to check out, you put that you want to exchange for a different size, you pick the size you want and then pack up these in the prepaid, preaddressed envelope you get with every fix and then ship it out. I just did an online request to have the postal worker pick it up right off my front porch! Super easy!!!! They will ship out the new ones as soon as your ship them out! EASY PEEESY! The new ones should come in about a week.

Ok if you have ever wanted to give Stitch Fix a try today is the day! For the next 24 hours I have a code that will get you $100 off your first fix!!!! That’s crazy good! But you got to act fast this will expire soon!!! Click this link to get set up!! Seriously this is the best deal I have ever seen and it says you don’t have to sign up for the subscription to try it either!! Hurry snag this deal today!!!

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