Transformation Tuesday/Master Bathroom

The master bathroom was the main reason why we started all of this renovation and the last to get done. lol! I have known we needed to redo our bathroom since we first moved into this house over 15 years ago, but if we ever had any extra money I literally would pick traveling over it every single time, so I guess I can thank the global pandemic for finally getting me to tackle something that I wasn’t looking forward to living through, although I was so looking forward to not having the worlds ugliest bathroom anymore. Here are the before pics… I seriously cant believe I’m showing you guys this! LOL

There was so much aesthetically wrong with this bathroom but I also knew that we had a water issue the tile on the floor was starting to pop up and the grout was cracking, we had the worst shower ever, it had that ramp for a wheelchair which made it very hard to clean and keep the water in, not to mention that ugly brass framed glass door, it was so etched from the hard water you could never get that sucker cleaned either. The toilet was in its own little room, along with another sink which really made the space feel really small, when the door was open it felt like the whole room was cut off. I hated it so much, I would sit and think of how much bigger it would feel if we could knock the walls down and make it one big room, I know people like their privacy but I figure we would just add a door to the entrance of the bathroom instead of having a separate toilet room, which would be nice because it was just opened so when you showered you needed to make sure the bedroom door was closed or it was a show for all! LOL it all made sense in my head but I wasn’t positive it would all work out and look ok.

first off once they got everything pulled up we could see just how bad the leak was and just how bad the mold and stuff had gotten! secondly it was so bad they actually had someone step right threw the ceiling when working in there, so ya I think its safe to say it was way past time! I have never designed a bathroom before so this felt way out of my comfort zone, first thing we had to do was pick out our vanities and tile, talk about stress, there are so many options to choose from but the size and space we had to work with was limited so that proved to be way harder than I thought it would be, but I finally found two vanities that would fit into the space and that I actually liked the looks of.

Next we picked out the tile, man that was sooo hard, there are so many different styles, I wanted something simple yet on the modern side, but not so modern it would go out of style super fast. This is what we ended up with.

We decided not to change the layout of things to save on costs. I tried a million different ways to figure out how to have a tub/shower combo in there without taking room from the walk in closet and moving a bunch of stuff around so we went with just a shower again, which I was pretty bummed out about at first.

Doug has always wanted a bidet toilet ( even before the great toilet paper shortage of 2020) so we figured we might as well do that while we are switching everything up, we had to have a water line and electrical outlet put in. Totally worth it! I should just do a post on this toilet, I mean it deserves its own post, warm seat, warm water, warm fan, toilet bowl lights up when its dark, who knew? We were totally missing out before!!

I am not going to go into details, but just about anything that could go wrong, did go wrong in this room, which is why this is the last thing I posted about instead of the first. towards the end I felt like maybe we had a ghost living in our house who was pissed at us for changing so much, because it just seemed crazy that this bathroom could take so long (4 months!!) and have so many problems! But in the end it turned out awesome and it was totally worth the wait!

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