Oreo Whoopie Pies

When my niece Quincy who had been on a mission in Peru for 18 months first came home she told me all about how in Peru they have Oreo cookies with oreo cookies crushed in the filling. Yes we both love our treats so this was a very important thing to share with me. LOL She said they were amazing and that we needed to make a homemade version of them. I of course was fully on board! It had been so long since we’ve gotten together and made something, I missed her and our crazy food things we would do. Here are a few posts from the past.

National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

National Sugar Cookie Day

So last week Quincy text me out of the blue and said hey i think it’s time to make our Oreo’s. I couldn’t have agreed more, So we got together and made my trusty Whoopie Pie recipe and tweaked it just a bit to try to make them look more like an oreo cookie.


Seriously am I the only one who’s recipe cards look this bad? Every single one of my favorites look like this one. You can tell it is very much loved and used often!

We decided to use the fast cookie recipe that uses cake mix because I had bought a case of chocolate cake mixes for my food storage only to find out not many of us like chocolate cake, and what better time to use my food storage than now?


Normally when I make whoopie Pies I drop the dough into balls onto the cookie sheet but we tried to make them look more like authentic Oreo’s so we actually took an Oreo and pressed it onto the dough to try to get the impression of the cookie onto our cookie! LOL  Ya, We are weird.


Once we baked all the cookies we made the frosting. I didn’t have any shortening on hand so we just used all butter instead, ya, that’s a lot of butter, but you can never have too much butter right? Then we crushed up a bunch of oreos and added it to the frosting. We put the frosting into a gallon sized ziploc bag and cut the corner and then piped the frosting in between two cookies.


These actually turned out better than I expected. I made sure I sent Quincy home with a plate full and sent a plate to my parents house, because there is no way I could be left home alone with all of these, it would be sooo dangerous! Now these were really good, but if i had to pick these or just regular Whoopie pies… I still think I would pick the regular ones, but I definitely had fun making these and switching things up a bit.



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