National Sugar Cookie Day

Yesterday was National Sugar Cookie Day. My 18 Year old Niece Quincy text me Saturday night letting me know it was National sugar cookie day tomorrow and wanted to know if I wanted to make sugar cookies with her… My answer of course was YES!

You see Quincy and I for some strange reason get along really well. She has an old soul for an 18-year-old and I have always had a young soul and somehow we meet in the middle and we get each other.  Quincy and I were talking one day about the different national days that people are always talking about and decided we were going to make our own. At first we tried to make our own food calendar where we had to make or eat a certain food each day of the year, well that was too hard, so we made a food month calendar, and we did pretty good at the first of the year, we got together with our families and my parents and made dinner once a week, trying to keep it within the theme of our food month. As soon as summer hit, life got too busy and we sort of dropped the ball. So it was nice to get together and at least celebrate National Sugar Cookie day! LOL  It’s always fun to hang out with her and to feel like a kid again:)


We even made sugar cookies of each other. LOL, when I showed Doug this picture and asked him who these cookies look like, he looked for a minute and said, Jesus and Bin Laden? HaHaHa at least I am the one who looks like Jesus 😛


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