Waffle Love



When Waffle Love food trucks first became popular, I refused to eat there. How can one charge almost $10 for a waffle?? I love waffles but I can make a pretty mean one at home, so I didn’t get the rage, I was a little anti about it to tell you the truth. I have mentioned before I am not a huge fan of super new trendy things. So for a couple of years I managed to not eat one. But one day my brother and his wife talked us into it. I have to say it was delicious! I wasn’t a fan of the price of the thing and how little it was, but oh my yes, I get it now! Well… American Fork just opened up a Waffle Love Restaurant! No more chasing the Waffle Love Truck or visiting Provo to eat one of these little treats!

I went there yesterday. I got my usual strawberries, bananas, Biscoff spread and whipped cream. Haden got the chicken and waffles with a side of strawberries and cream! We both thought it was delicious. But I would say more of a treat then a meal.  Next time I think i will have to try the chocolate filled waffle… they literally stuff a candy bar in the waffle! WHAT? Waffle Love? I think so!



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