Pony Tail Ribbon



I was at the beauty supply store the other day and while checking out I eyed this strange-looking thing behind the cash register. At first I thought that is weird, then the more I looked it at it the more I knew I had to have it, Different and weird are two of my favorite things! So I asked how much it was, the lady looked at it like she’s never even seen it before let alone sold one. She scanned it… $2.50! Yup, You guessed it, I bought it!

I am always looking for new and easy ways to do my hair because the older I get the more lazy I become. A hat and a pony tail ribbon may be my new go to! Now if only I could find these in different colors. They only had gold ones at the store.  I have looked everywhere online and I can’t find them anywhere, I may have to learn to make these, it can’t be that hard. Stay Tuned…jf-2

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