New Windows and Doors

It’s been a few months since we’ve gotten our new windows and doors. It’s not something most people notice, but for us it has been a huge difference. First off our front door was pretty sad-looking. So sad in fact I don’t think I’ve ever really taken a picture of it. Here’s the only pics I could find of our door before.

It was Just a very basic front door, but what I couldn’t stand was you could literally see light coming through it even when we replaced the weather striping, it just wasn’t air tight at all.  People have literally stuck flyers through the space. which didn’t make me feel very safe at all. The next thing I hated about it was the side window, there was no privacy at all, I felt like I had to be very careful walking by it when I wasn’t descent and I really didn’t like seeing people peeking in when waiting for me to come to the door. But probably the worst thing was how crazy loud this door was, you definitely couldn’t sneak out of our house, which did come in handy when the boys were teenagers, but also really annoying.

Our windows were just as old and dated. You could feel cold air coming through the windows in the winter. which can’t be good for the heat or air conditioning bill so We finally decided to bite the bullet and replace the windows and doors on the main level of our house. What a difference! What surprised me the most is how much quieter our house is. I also feel like this summer I have actually felt like my house is a lot cooler, without having to adjust the thermostat as much. not sure yet how much it will save us in the long run, but I am pretty happy so far.

When I picked out my front door the salesman told me he has never had anyone order this door before with this window package, which made me a little nervous at first, but then again, I do enjoy being a little different from everyone else. I think it turned out even better than i thought it would!

My next favorite thing is my back door, while it isn’t much different from our last one, the one thing that is so awesome to me is that the blinds are inside of the window! So no more ugly blinds on top of our door and no more dusting of the blinds! How cool is that??

If your house is as old as ours or older, you probably could benefit from some new windows and doors. If you live in Utah, Give RMK Windows a call! They were really good at working with us and making sure we were happy.IMG_9034


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