Profound Update at 1,3 and 6 months

I have been trying to remember to take a pictures so that I can keep track of my progress. It is funny because I will look in the mirror and think Im not sure it has done anything really, then I will snap a pic and compare it side by side with the before pics and I am quickly reminded just how bad I looked before and that this is definitely doing something!

Here is a reminder of the before pics.. Ugh I hate them so much! Not only is it a total mug shot with no make up what so ever…it is taken in the worst lighting ever! LOL  So my 1 month pics are just taken in my house, so that could be why some look better than the before pics, but really focus on the lines around my mouth and cheeks, those are looking way better! Remember full results won’t be seen until the 3-6 month mark!!




***1 MONTH

Now if i just look at those two pictures separately they don’t look all that much different. It wasn’t until i put them side by side that I really noticed the changes so far. I realize they are in different lighting but try not to focus too much on that aspect.



I wish I knew how to take selfies of the sides of my face. For now these will have to do. I will have after pics taken at 3 months at my follow up apt. So I will have better pics then and hopefully even more improvements!


***With Makeup… Just so you don’t have nightmares of me killing you in your sleep! I look like a serial killer in those pics!!! YIKES!! LOL

Three month update, I went to the Spa to have my 3 month pictures taken, It’s crazy because I really don’t feel like much has changed, but I am starting to get comments like you look so refreshed, or just plain you look nice today, which I am assuming is from the Profound, but i honestly don’t really see it yet.

I hate sharing these pictures because i feel like these close ups are the most unflattering things, but then again maybe this is what i look like and i just choose to not see it on the daily basis. It helps that I can’t see very well close up anymore. LOL


Ok seeing these side by side I can see things are tightening up! Wow who knew?! I am excited to see what It will look like at 6 months!!

6 month Update

With the whole world locked down with the Coronavirus I had a couple different appointments scheduled to go in to get my 6 month pictures taken but they kept getting cancelled. So finally they asked if I could have Doug take pictures as good as we could because the quarantine isn’t stopping anytime soon. So these pictures are closer to 7 months.



Above, Before and 6 weeks side by side

Well there you have it, So far I am so happy I decided to give the Profound treatment a try. I believe it has just given me a boost in my appearance without looking like I had  some major work done. I guess there still could be more improvements up to a year, so I look forward to seeing if it does improve any more, but If not I am totally happy with the results I have gotten!  Here’s a pic of me today…


I turn 50 in about 6 weeks. As much as I have been dreading the big 5-0, having this procedure done has helped me mentally reach that hurdle without feeling like i look all haggard too. Now if only I could do this procedure on my entire body!! I know, I know, I need to just grow old gracefully… but it’s so freakin hard!!



3 thoughts on “Profound Update at 1,3 and 6 months

  1. Dear Janna,
    Thank you for sharing your Profound journey. It took courage. I’m on day #3 of the Profound healing process. Following your one week post procedure journey has reassured me that all is well.


    1. I am glad I could help! Sorry It took me so long to respond, I was in South Africa for two weeks with little service, I am assuming your face is pretty much healed up by now.


      1. Thank you. I’m at 2.5 weeks and so happy the bruises have disappeared. I can see some tightening beginning. So I’m glad I did this. The shots were awful.


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