Mother’s Day 2020

This year has been pretty weird, am I right? With all this Covid stuff and quarantine  going on in the world I can’t even believe its May already let alone mother’s Day! I mean don’t get me wrong it sure feels like it could be Christmas again already by how long the days are and yet at the same time I feel like I somehow missed a bunch too?!? I don’t know time has just been all kinds of whacked! But What Doug did for me this year for Mother’s Day has really helped pull me out of my little funk.


Doug sent me flowers Monday the week leading up to Mother’s Day with a note that said Happy Mother’s Day week! What a nice and very unexpected surprise! That really put a smile on my face.  But what I didn’t realize is that He was going to give me a little surprise gift everyday of the week!! The next day he came home and said he tried to get me See’s Candy, but they are only opened a few hours a day and it didn’t work with his schedule so I get an hour long Massage instead! Well shoot I will take that anyday, Doug gives great massages! This is already one of my favorite things he has ever done for me and it was only day two of the week!

Throughout the rest of the week he surprised me with all sorts of fun goodies, Hershey kisses, $100 Visa Card, A Cute Mother’s Day card with a nice little love note, but My favorite gift that he bought me was a couple flats of flowers to plant in the yard, and he helped me plant them too!!

On Sunday, the actual Mother’s Day, he woke up and made me breakfast in bed… I totally forgot to take a picture. then we got up and got ready and Drove down to Payson to visit My mother in law’s grave and bring her some flowers. That was really nice. It was the first time we had been to her grave since her passing almost 9 Years ago! Doug always says they (his parents) are not at the gravesite they are with him always, which I love, but there is just something about going and paying respects to your loved ones who have passed, even if I don’t believe they are actually there, But if they are with us always, then they were there when we were 🙂 lol

Doug is so sweet, when he got there the dandelions and weeds were all overgrown around it, so he got down and started hand pulling them all out.  It totally brought tears to my eyes. This is one of the many reasons why I love this man so much!


After our visit we headed home for some Yummy Olive Garden ( take out of course) dinner, then over to my parents house to visit my mom. It’s such a hard time seeing my mom this way, we have no way of knowing if she even knows what’s going on, but I sure hope she knows she is loved. My sisters and I got her a new Minky Blanket, she uses her other one every single day, we figured she would like a fresh new one.

After our visit we went back home because the kids were coming over! There really is nothing better than hanging out with my adult kids, I just love them all so much, and I am so proud to call them mine!  Tyler gave me some flowers and chocolate covered strawberries and a huge Balloon the friday before. Haden and Kaiti gave me some beautiful flowers and Crumble cookies and Josh and Breecia gave me the cutest leopard print fuzzy slippers! These guys really know how to spoil a girl!



Yep It was a very good day/week!




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