National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

So late Tuesday night I get a text from my niece Quincy it was just this picture with no words…52334412958__240AD5CF-D820-4E95-98EF-E9C574617FDB

I knew exactly what she was telling me, we needed to honor National Ice Cream Sandwich Day. She asked me where we could find a really good one? I had to think for a minute then I remembered Tyler told me about a place where you can pick your cookies and your ice cream and make an ice cream sandwich, Smart Cookie. I told Quincy about it and went to bed. Wednesday was kind of busy for me and I totally spaced National Ice Cream Sandwich Day. Then around 8:20 last night I get another text from Quincy, all it says is” Hey I’m on my way” I immediately remember Ice Cream Sandwich Day! Quincy and my Sister Nancy show up with this yummy looking Thing! Happy Ice Cream Sandwich Day!!


Quincy is the closest thing to a daughter to me, I always wanted a girl to do fun and silly  things with.  I’m so glad Nancy shares her with me 🙂

PS. Just in case you were wondering, It’s National Watermelon day today 🙂


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