Dollar Shave Club

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I don’t know about you, but in our house we go through a ton of razors, It’s actually crazy how many with a so-called “bald” husband, but yes keeping his chrome dome sexy and smooth it not only takes a razor it takes a good fresh razor.  We have spent a lot of money over the years on razors so when I first  heard of Dollar Shave Club I thought no way are these going to be any good. But If you know me, I love to save a dollar and not only that I hate shopping, well that’s not true, let’s get this straight, I love shopping, I hate shopping for necessities, that pretty much shouldn’t even be considered “shopping” That’s just another chore, and who likes chores?

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For Christmas this year, I got Doug a subscription to the Dollar Shave Club. I knew at first he would be hesitant because Doug grew up with a Mother who thought if it’s cheaper and not a “Name Brand” it has to be Less than, and it has rubbed off on my dear husband. I am not complaining, growing up  I was raised with the exact opposite mentality, I will say Doug has taught me to enjoy some of the more finer things in life, and I am not going to lie, it is fun, but if I can save a buck on something that works just as good, I am all over it. Well I was right, he was not too sure about them at first, but he obviously hasn’t been bugged by them because he hasn’t said anything to me, now if you know him, if he doesn’t like something, he will tell me. What confirmed it to me that he likes these is that the other day I broke my razor handle,(yes I use the same ones, I have always used men’s razors, don’t judge me) and when I told Doug he said, You better get online and order a new one for our next shipment. Well, So there you have it, he approves!

We order the executive which is their most expensive razor but it’s still only $9 a month and it just automatically ships to your house, so no more running out! I love it! They have all kinds of lotions and potions if your into that, but we just get the razors and we are happy with them. I love not having to think about it, I wish everything was on auto-ship, I don’t think I would ever leave my house!!  If you want to make your life easier or need a unique and fun gift for your man’s birthday, father’s day, Christmas present etc…, check them out Just Click on the link below…

Sign Up For Dollar Shave Club Here

**Now I know the next time you see Doug you are going to be tempted to rub that sexy head of his, sorry ladies, you will just have to take my word for it 😛



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