Rice Bag

The other day I wrote a post about how awful hot flashes are and asked for any advise on how to control them without hormones. If you missed it click here… Hot Flashes!I got a lot of really good advise and positive feedback on my Facebook page, It made me feel so good knowing I am not in this alone.

This weekend I got a text from my sweet friend Suzanne who said “Do you have a rice bag? I use them in the winter-heat them in the microwave to keep my toes warm. But lately I’ve been putting them in the freezer when I get hot I put it behind my neck and it cools me down so nicely, I also grab one on my way to bed and sleep with it behind my neck. It’s fabulous!”  I replied that I didn’t have one and wondered where I might buy such a thing, she then tells me that she just makes them and said she could make me one if I wanted. I of course was like OK, because let’s be honest,I am good at a lot of things but sewing is not one of them!  I didn’t really think it would happen, because, A. we don’t see each often enough, and B. People say stuff like that all the time and don’t really follow through with it. Well we happened to be going to the same dinner Saturday night for the BYU coaches( her hubby Steve, is a BYU’s tight ends coach and my hubby is a P.A. who works for BYU’s team doctor) and when she showed up she had a cute little bag and inside was this rice bag! IMG_9265

I can’t tell you how nice that was of her, and how excited I was to give it a try. So Sunday I was flashing away and I remembered my little rice bag, I  pulled it out and put it on my neck and oh sweet relief! It may not stop me from having these horrible things, but it’s so nice to have something besides sitting in front of a fan all day!

Thank You Suzanne, my “hot flash” soul sister!


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