Stitch Fix Box #2

I was so excited to get my second stitch Fix Box. This time around I said I wanted some things that would be good transitional pieces from summer to fall. I am going to be completely honest with you, when I opened this up at first glance I wasn’t super impressed, It looked a little boring and I wasn’t sure about the colors.

I was happy to see the fun orange shirt because I love orange, but the rest was kind of blah…

The Bancroft Lane layering necklace is cute and a perfect basic piece I know I can wear with lots of things so I was happy about that. So the first thing I tried on was the Russell Crochet Shoulder by Daniel Rainn Top because it looked the most fun. With the Adrianne Distressed Boyfriend jean by Cosmic Blue Love. So far I am very impressed with the sizing on the jeans, it’s not everyday a pair of jeans fit first try!… Don’t make fun of me, selfies and posing are not my strong suit! 😛

I love this shirt, but I am not going to lie, It took me way too long to figure out how to put it on! LOL this shirt has an attached cami which the straps are a tad too long for me so i kept getting them all tangled up inside and once I got my shirt on I thought I had the shirt on inside out because the seams on the outside make it look inside out, but the tag and cami are on the other side so, ya it took a minute to figure it all out! HAHA  but I love This shirt and it will easily transform from summer to fall.

Next I tried on the Molli Hooded Open Cardigan by Laila Jayde. First I just threw it on over my other outfit to see how that would look, not bad…


This sweater is super soft and light weight, I wasn’t sure how It could work as a summer thing, but once I tried it on with shorts and a t-shirt i thought I could wear this out to dinner at night ( I am always cold in restaurants and movies). Surprisingly this was way cuter on then right out of the box.

Finally I tried on the Bowie 3/4 sleeve Dolman Knit Top by Laila Jayde. Again I wasn’t too impressed with this right out of the box. The color seemed a little too wintry and sad for me, but once I got it on it was so soft and comfy, I totally love it! This will easily be a favorite in the fall.

So here I am with another successful box! I think this proves that having someone else pick stuff you wouldn’t normally pick is so worth it!

If you want to give Stitch Fix a try click on this link StitchFix remember it only costs you $20( that $20 will be deducted off of anything you decide to keep), you can return anything you don’t want and if you decide to keep all 5 pieces you get 25% off the entire order!





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