Blink Health

My son Tyler has struggled with Acne most of his teen years. I thought he would out grow it like his brothers, but his seemed to be getting worse instead of better. I finally decided it was time to take him to the Dermatologist. The doctor at first started him on Retin-A and antibiotics. After a few months with very little improvement, we decided to bite the bullet and start him on Claravis (aka Accutane). I have always heard how expensive it was so I was mentally prepared for it, or so I thought. The first month his prescription came to $385!  But I thought well if it works it will be worth it right? What I didn’t realize is that every time we have gone into the dermatologist it was a $100 visit. Before we even started got on the Accutane we were in this around $600 ( office visits and the other prescriptions) Not to mention these visits are literally 5 minutes max!! I still kept trying to remind myself it will be worth it. Well last month we fill his script and the total came to $505! What the?$@# I call up my insurance company and ask them what the deal was, he says that the pharmacy charged them $1600 this month instead of the $1300 last month!! All of this is starting to make my blood boil, How in the world can this really cost so much??

I decided I need to start looking into this a little more.While doing my online search to see where the cheapest place to fill his next prescription I stumble upon the website called Blink Health. I search Claravis and for his dose it would be $434.18 while this isn’t a huge savings,  I’ll take a $70 savings anyday.


So I decide to take the gamble and try this out. I was a little nervous that this was a scam at first. I called Wal-Mart and asked them if they have ever used them before, they said yes they have, that calmed my fears a little. I download the app and paid for the prescription. I was pretty nervous. What if I just got ripped off??  So when I went to the counter I tell them to not run it through my insurance and use the card they just sent me.  The bill ends up being $0 and they handed me the pills and I was done! Super Easy!

While I am still sick about how much I still had to pay and will continue in my search for a cheaper solution for next month.  If anyone has any ideas on how to get Claravis cheaper I still have two more months to pay for! Please let me know!

I am glad I stumbled upon this site, they have tons of prescriptions that are Way cheaper!  I will definitely check them out before paying for any prescriptions I need to fill, to make sure I am getting the lowest price possible. They also accept your HSA or FSA accounts, which is nice. If you are like me and have a super high deductible, this might be something to look into.

Here is my text from Wal-Mart saying my prescription is ready to be picked up. And here’s my receipt after I used Blink Health. Pretty Cool.


If you click this link you can get an additional $15 off your already lower price!  $15 off Blink Health Let’s stop paying these ridiculous high prices!


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