GoodBye Jdogger

About 15 years ago I got Comcast internet as my internet provider. I remember when I was setting up my email account that I didn’t want just my name, how boring is that? So I thought I would use my nick name, Jdog… Of course that was taken already so I put Jdogger and it worked, I thought why not?  Now remember back then email addresses weren’t as big of a deal as they are today, I didn’t realize back then that my entire life would eventually become connected to this email address. I can not tell you how many strange looks I have gotten from doctor’s offices,  grocery stores, church members, etc… It always gets a laugh and a strange look, Like seriously every time! But I have grown used to it.

I set up auto pay on my Comcast bill and never really think too much about it. The internet in our house sucks, it seems to have always been bad, but lately it has gotten REALLY bad! My boys whenever they come over remind me know of how bad it is. This past Sunday Josh starts messing with my computer to see how fast (or I should say slow) it actually is, I guess it was SUPER slow, then he asks how much do you pay for this a month? I had no idea so I had him look my account up…$135 a month!?! That is just crazy! Now I know for a fact a couple of years ago we got rid of our land line and at the time I was so happy to be paying around $75 a month, so In 2 years time my bill has been slowly jumping up to almost double!? That is insane! So of course Everyone tells me I HAVE to switch providers.  I agree. So I think about it for a minute and realize that if I switch my provider I will no longer have access to my Comcast email account. How hard it is to switch you ask? Pretty freaking hard! If I had known that back then I never would have used their service and stayed with my Juno account, Is that even still around??  LOL


First I set up a Gmail account so I never have to deal with making a switch again, Can I tell you that I spent all day Monday switching my email with banks, credit cards, social media, Apps, you name it,  and just when I think I have made a dent in my never-ending switch I think of a million other accounts I need to change!  No I havent gotten rid of Comcast yet, I think it’s going to take a little longer than expected. But whats even sadder than all this is that jdogger was taken at Gmail, and so was jdog, so I sat there for a while and then I did the unthinkable, I used my name… well sort of Jannafillmore was already taken,  Wait, What?? really??  So my new email address is, but either way,  I was sad, it’s hard for me to act like a grown up and have a “Normal” email address… That’s until Doug saw my new account and said,” Fillmore Janna?  I am the only one allowed to do that!” Yep he always knows how to make me feel better! LOL

download (8)

So here’s my really long way of saying… To my friends and family please update my email address to Please and Thank You 🙂

*Any suggestions on good, fast, inexpensive internet providers??


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