Message Monday


So as most of you can tell by now, most of my messages are solely for me, and most of them revolve around trying to love myself as I am. Me and my body have had a constant struggle. As I have mentioned in a lot of my different posts, I struggle to love my body, and just when I think I have come to terms with all my flaws and begin to accept me for who I am, My body goes and throws a curve ball at me and starts changing again!! UGH! This summer has been rough, My body has been gaining weight at a rapid speed, and in places it normally doesn’t gain, and that has me all kinds of messed up in the head! I am feeling a little down and down right scared at this point because I am starting to worry about how to stop it! Menopause is no joke, well it actually IS a joke, a very cruel joke on the person going through it, but it’s even more of a joke when most of your friends aren’t even there yet, they have no idea what it’s like and that makes me feel even more old and fat! I try so hard to stay positive and have a good attitude, I have even started working out again, but the weight is not budging… well that’s not entirely true, its budging but in the wrong direction and that’s freaks me out even more! So now more than ever I need to stop hating my body and just ride this thing out with love and gratitude for what I have. I  just need to just stop with all the hating, and start loving myself no matter what size or shape I am in. I need to remind myself of my Cadillac body…SEE  A Cadillac Body post, I need to remember my own words and appreciate my body even if I am feeling more like a Dodge caravan lately ( no offense to Dodge Caravans) than a Cadillac, unless I truly start to love myself for who I am and not for my body size, I can never really be happy!


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