Why do I blog???

Some days I have to ask myself why do I even blog? There are days that I wonder why do I even continue doing this thing? Does anyone really care If I ever write another blog post or not? These are questions I have asked myself lately.

I know most people are blogging to make money or to become Instagram famous or whatever, I am not one of those people. I seriously started blogging for myself. It is like some sort of self therapy for me as well as a great journal for me to look back on. I have never been good at journaling and the times I have kept one, when I would go back and read it I would cringe at how dumb I sounded, so blogging for me was really scary to do at first,  because it is putting myself out there for anyone to read, which was terrifying and yet somehow awesome and liberating all at the same time. It’s like saying This is me, If you don’t like it, too bad.

Nothing about this blog is professional, I literally snap a pic with my phone and hope for the best, No editing, special lighting or presets (whatever those are).  I don’t take a million different shots trying to get the perfect picture, I honestly don’t put that much effort into it. I don’t want it to take too much of my time, I don’t want it to look unreal, I don’t want it to take over my life, I just wanted an outlet.

There are days I write my little posts and think nothing of them when I publish them, not expecting anyone to actually read it or even comment on it let alone get something out of it. But then there are days like Monday when I posted my Message Board Monday post, I  was seriously blown away at all the sweet comments I received on my Facebook page.   You see I shared that I had a difficult time with something someone said about me, I was surprised by the out pouring of love. It made me feel really good. Some of the people who commented probably only really know me from reading my blog, which is kind of crazy because I am just your average middle-aged mom, blogging about my life and thoughts and all the crazy beauty treatments and weird stuff that I do. while I am sure there are some out there that mock me or whatever, (which I knew would happen putting myself out there on social media like this), but It just feels good to know that my support group is actually a little bit bigger than I ever really knew it was.  And that  it’s mostly a result from being willing to put myself out there.

I blog because I want to show my true self, my unedited and sometime vulnerable and raw self because there is just too much fake out there and not enough real. I blog to document my thoughts and feelings and I blog because I love the connection it has given me with family and friends from the past, present, and the hope of making future connections with people I don’t even know.  It has helped me document my life, It has helped me grow, and challenge myself, and hopefully helped a few people along the way.

So I guess the simple answer to my question of Why do I blog is… I do it for Me. But I am pleasantly surprised to find out that by helping myself I am also helping others along the way!  I am happy to know there are actually people out there who enjoy reading my blog!  There have been people who I barely even know come up to me and say how much they enjoy  reading my posts and thank me for sharing, Or someone will come up to me and tell me that they have tried one of the many beauty gadgets I’ve reviewed or used recipe I have shared and it is exactly those things that have helped me to over come my fear of looking stupid and continuing on.  So I guess you can say I also Do It for YOU, the ones who have expressed to me that they enjoy reading what I am sharing.

I would like to give a special Thanks to all of those who have stuck with me and supported me so far and have encouraged me to continue on and for those that are riding along side with me on this thing I like to call… Janna’s Journey.


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