Powder Dip Nails Update

Finally my powder dip nail update!!



These pictures are of my nails at 5 days, 14 days and 28 days! Yes I said 28 days! WHAAAT?!?!  So as you can see these Powdered Dip nails last a really long time! You can see in the 14 days one, my thumb nail got chipped, and the same thing happened on my other hand too, so I took a file to them and they were good to go! By 28 days one of my nails broke underneath the powder dip but it was still going strong! I know they are so outgrown and it’s not very attractive, but my curiosity wants to know how long these will really last on my fingers? Until they grow out?? I am also pretty lazy and am not looking forward to soaking them and all the effort it takes to taking these off, so for now I will continue with the experiment until they start to come off on their own or I just can’t stand it anymore… We shall see which one wins!



*** Update at day 32 I had enough of these nails, the thumbs were so bad they were snagging on everything so I decided it was time to take these off. I filed the tops of each nail down really good and then soaked them in acetone, It took me almost a full hour to get all of it off! YIKES major downfall for these nails. But all in all I am super impressed with them. My nails are actually longer and stronger than they have been in a very long time, thanks to these powder dipped nails!  So If they didn’t take so long to take off, I would probably be a repeat customer, but for now I will just stick with my gel nails.



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