Friday Freak-out

Every once in a while I must have a little freak out session, so bear with me. We have decided to get new windows and doors in our house on the main floor. Our house is older and we started feeling a breeze by the windows and the front door you could see the light coming threw the door jams.

So we bite the bullet, pick everything out and we patiently waited for our order to come.  In What seemed like forever, they finally arrived and we lived through the construction, If anyone knows Doug and I at all we kind of don’t like to have our little life and routine messed with, so this is not an easy thing for us to endure. We hit a few bumps in the road during the process, as all projects seem to do. But this one is kind of big, both bathrooms upstairs have a window in the shower. Both orders came in with clear glass windows. So the company promises to fix the problem but of course they have to special order the new windows and it will take another two weeks. So we temporarily cover the windows and deal with it for two whole weeks. One shower, the one in our Master bathroom, we can’t use because they have to re-tile some of it, so we are using our little guest bathroom with our make shift privacy windows.

The day comes and we finally get our privacy windows put in and they are pretty and life is back to normal until… that night when Doug decides to take a shower in our Master bath. I decide to go outside and check it out and make sure these are really private, and low and behold I am standing there watching my man shower, washing his face and sudsing up his sexy bald head, and then suddenly he drops the soap, and how do I know all of this??? Because these windows aren’t as private as I would like,  and if I can tell what is going on in the shower, that means others can too! UGH! So we contact the company and of course they will switch them out for us but it will cost us because we are the ones who picked out the Rain-shower glass, which in my defense I thought was a frosted rain-shower glass and these are just rain-shower minus the frost!  So here I am having a little freak out friday!

Left pic guest bath with new clear windows . Right pic is with new Rain-Shower glass. Much better but still not private enough for me…

Stay tuned…I think I may have come up with a solution… Hopefully


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