Fruit Kabobs


Whenever I think of a party, my mind goes straight to the dessert, and everything else that isn’t very good for you like candy and chips and dips. I know, I know,  not everyone is like me, some people actually want good healthy food, or they are on special diets. Fruit Kabobs are a fun party food that are not only pretty, they are super yummy and actually good for you too! I have found that even kids who don’t usually put fruit on their plates, will grab one of these because they look fun, and they will actually eat it!

I actually  wish someone would make these up for me to have in the fridge at all times, then maybe I would actually meet my daily fruit intake requirements. I don’t know what it is about washing and cutting up fruit? I am super lazy, if it isn’t all washed and cut up for me, I will skip it all together. I made these for a party I had this week and I guess you can say these are a labor of love. While these are not hard to make at all, they are time-consuming and require a lot of washing, cutting, peeling and assembling. But in the end, it is always worth it.


You can use any combination of fruit you want, I usually use red and green grapes but the store was all out of green grapes so I decided to use cuties. This was a first for me, but I really like the way these turned out. Notice I also skipped on cutting up the pineapple, It is a little more expensive to buy the pre-cut stuff, but like I said, I am lazy…


All washed, cut and dried and ready to assemble.


Arent these pretty?



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