Color Changing Nail Polish

I have been doing my own Gel nails ever since I went on a sister’s girls trip to Vegas about 6 years ago. We got mani’s and pedi’s with the “new”(at least back then) Shellac polish. After taxes and tip, the total came to about $100! Spending that kind of money on myself like that makes me sick, But I loved the way my nails looked and more than that I loved how long they lasted. I think mine lasted for almost three weeks! I was hooked, but there was no way I could keep this up, so I started my search of how to do it myself. I bought all the stuff to do my own nails for around the cost of one trip to the salon. I found a super cheap UV lamp on Ebay, and ordered the polish (CND Shellac brand) from Amazon. I have been using that same lamp ever since, but I have experimented with different brands of gel polishes. I have had good luck with just about every brand I have tried.

Just recently , I have noticed that my nails arent lasting as long. Usually when that happens its time to change the bulbs in the lamp, I did that and was still having issues with my polish peeling off.  So I decided it was either my nail polish was getting old or my nail lamp was dying, so I decided it was time to buy a new lamp and some new polish. I decided to go with an LED lamp this time because these are supposed to cure the nail faster. I found this one for only $25 on Amazon.


I also came across this brand of polish, Its called AIMELI ( don’t ask me how you pronounce that),  I have never heard of it before, but it was so much cheaper and it had some fun colors. I decided to buy their color changing nail polish along with their top and base coat.


So Far so good… I’m super excited to see how long these last!

Dark blue is when my hands are cold and the lighter color is when they are hot. Pretty cool huh?


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