Hula Hooping



Halloween 2015 Doug and I decided to dress up in 1950’s gear, when walking through Walmart I spotted a child’s hula hoop and thought, That will be perfect for my Halloween costume. I bought it and couldn’t stop playing with it, in fact I kind of got obsessed with it, any down time I had i would pick it up and start hooping.



Fast forward a few months when Doug bought me a Fit Bit. I decided to set myself a goal of 10,000 steps a day, I noticed that when I hula hooped I would get my daily steps in faster. I didn’t really think it would really count as any type of work out so I decided to look up how many calories are burned while hula hooping. The Average female can burn up to 165 calories in 30 mins! Whoo hoo, I found something I think is fun and an added bonus I can burn some extra calories! So i started setting time each day to hoop, I would turn up the tunes and jam out.

Fast forward to December 2016, I was still hula hooping but started going deeper into the hooping game, and asked for a weighted hoop for Christmas. Christmas came and I got my new 3.3lb hula hoop! This hoop kind of hurt my belly at first and I couldn’t do it as long, but it was by far easier to keep it going. But i figured if it was weighted it should be burning more calories right?


Life has been kind of crazy for me right now and I haven’t had the time to just hoop it up for a long time, but i still bring it out at the end of the day if i have a few thousand steps to get in before bed. I just love that burning calories doesn’t always mean i have to suit up in my active wear and head down to the gym, I’ve literally hooped in a dress before, shoes or no shoes, it doesn’t really matter as long as I am moving! No I don’t do anything fancy, no hoops around my neck or multiple hoops at once, just your regular girl in the school yard kind of hooping.

Here’s my little collection of hula hoops, the smallest child’s hoop is by far the hardest one to keep up, you probably burn more calories using that one, maybe even over the weighted one! So there you have it, give it a try, its fun, cheap and easy, what more can you ask for?… Oh ya, you feel like a kid again!

***I’ve got my eye set on a light up hula hoop, PARTY!!!

***HINT, HINT, my birthday is coming up soon!


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