Fab Over 40 Second Rounds starting now!

First off I want to thank all my family and friends for all your votes that have gotten me this far! I made 3rd place in the first round out of 57 women! That was very unexpected and I am so grateful for you all!

Now the hard part is I have to continue to keep bugging you all for more daily votes! I believe the votes from the first round are carried over to this next round but I am not positive on that. All I know is I need to be in the top 15 this time around. ( I have no clue how many rounds this is going to drag on to, but I am hoping you will all still like me by the time its over!) I can get pretty competitive when it comes to things like this so I may become pretty annoying. Sorry in advance. LOL I literally almost dropped out last round because I am trying to win this without soliciting for paid votes. And one day they had double votes for paid voters and that really irked me, one, because I have worked so hard to get where I was, and two I was at 1st place before that happened! Quickly I dropped to third place after that day. I was ready to throw in the towel but I have the best friends and family who encouraged me to keep going, So that is what I am going to do. OH and mostly because my youngest Tyler snuck and Paid $100 for votes! I told him I didn’t want him to do that and he just responded with I love you mommy and you deserve to win… Well how can I give up after that?!? I can’t! Sooo Here I am again asking for you help, each round will get harder and harder so I will really need the support!!

A few things I want to clarify, you can vote once every 24 hours for free, it says you have to be verified which I believe has scared a few people away, all that means is they are making sure you are not a bot, if you have a Facebook account they will verify you with that. I believe once you’ve been verified you don’t have to keep doing that, you literally just click the button, it takes a few seconds. The ones who have asked if they can just pay to vote because they are afraid to miss a day, Of COURSE you can! I just didn’t want anyone to feel obligated to pay. If you would prefer to Pay the money goes to a great cause the National Breast Cancer Foundation INC. and it is totally a tax deduction donation! So If you are needing a tax deduction please consider this as an option! Thanks so much! Let’s see how this next round goes!? There are a lot of amazing women I am up against so Wish me luck and the strength to get through this awkwardness of asking you all for so much help!

Click the link below to Vote or visit my Facebook or Instagram stories I will try to have a link on there everyday as well. Thanks again! đź’—


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