Fab Over 40 Contest

You guys I am always getting myself into uncomfortable situations. Here is a good example of that. I was innocently scrolling Instagram one day and a I saw a post about a Fab over 40 contest where the winner gets $40,000, a spa trip to Scottsdale for two worth $10,000 and a 2 page spread in New Beauty Magazine. I was like sweet, I’ll enter, that sounds awesome! In my head I thought it was something you entered and either it was some sort of random draw pick or they had some sort of panel of judges or something like that. I hadn’t thought much of it since I entered because the odds of winning are slim to none. Well guys a couple days ago I was checking my emails ( I get hundreds a day and I rarely read them all) but I noticed an email that was from Fab over 40 that I got a couple of weeks ago. Well that email said I was hand selected to compete in the Fab over 40 competition?! What?! Competition?!? Now if you know me at all this sort of thing is sooo out of my comfort zone!

What did I get myself into? So I did some research and find out this is some sort of contest that requires people to vote for me, not just any people but my friends and family! This goes from Oct- Dec.? That is if I make it that far. I literally have thought about dropping out, but the thought of 40,000 sounds pretty darn amazing. Doug has worked so hard for our family and never has asked for me to work while raising the boys and even now with them all grown up and out of the house, he likes that we have the freedom to drop whatever and go so I still don’t work. With that comes some extreme guilt by me, I would love to be able to contribute even if it’s just a little to our retirement fund. And how fun would it be to be in a photo shoot, well maybe not the shoot itself, but to have hair and make up done by a professional and a wardrobe picked especially for me… that would be so much fun! So here I am doing uncomfortable things and asking for you all to vote for me and share to your friends and family to hopefully get them to vote also. You can vote once every 24 hours, I hate to bug you all but if you could just make it part of your daily routines for the next couple of weeks that would be so awesome!! Thanks in advance for your support! XO


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