Hawaii ( Day 6)

Today we had to check out of our place by 10 am, but our flight didn’t leave till 8pm. I didn’t know how this would go because no matter what we would do we would end up so stinky and sticky and there was no way I would want to hop on a plane after a full day in the sun. Luckily the resort held our luggage for us and gave us a pool key where we could use the outside showers to shower off and the bathrooms to change in. So we woke up and tried to eat as much of the food we had left over and checked out and headed to find another beach. This time we found another gate that was closed earlier this week to Kekaha Kai ( Kona Coast) State Park. This was another beautiful beach! It’s pretty hard for a beach to not be, let’s be honest. The cool thing about this beach was that there were a couple turtles in the water that hung out close to the shore and that’s all the kids wanted to see was turtles. Haden had packed his underwater camera in his suitcase, so he braved it and took video of the turtles with his cell phone! He got some good shots too. who knew? Although I wouldn’t recommend doing this (his volume is a little muffled now) Hopefully it will dry out and go back to normal, but he said it was worth it! LOL

The water here was super clear and blue. I honestly don’t think I can pick a favorite.

We decided to check out what was on the other side of those rocks, well more lava rocks and more sea turtles! Doug and I noticed that people would put their names or initials on the lava rocks with white coral, so we of course had to do that too!

After we we had enough of the beach we headed to find something to eat then back to the resort to get cleaned up and head to the airport. Showering outside in a suit was a little different, but we were so thankful to have that.

This whole trip was so much fun and just flew by. I am so happy we were able to make these memories together and I will cherish them forever and I look forward to our next adventures!

E Mahalo E ( something we learned at our ceremony )

The Kona airport is an outside airport, that was a new experience for us, when walking out onto the tarmac there was this beautiful sunset, the sky was a beautiful pink and dark blue color, I had to snap a quick pic… a perfect ending to a perfect vacation!

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