Hawaii ( Day 5)

We really wanted to go to The other side of the island, we only had 6 days, which to be honest isn’t really enough time to see and do everything we wanted to do, There is a reason they call it The Big Island, because it’s huge! We did a lot of driving on this trip. I think if you are planning a trip to the Big Island I would plan for at least 10 days, I would spend the first couple of days in Hilo and then spend the rest of the trip in Kona. That’s just my two cents.

We decided on our last full day we would make the trek over to the Hilo side and see a few things, we woke up earlier, made breakfast and headed out. We decided we wanted to see a waterfall, but we also had a pregnant lady with us, so we couldn’t do anything too strenuous (even though, she was a trooper and was up for anything). So we decided on going to the Akaka Falls State Park. We knew this was the wet side of the island, but for some reason we really weren’t prepared, when we got there it was raining and pretty chilly out too. But Man was it beautiful!! Good thing I grabbed my crazy hat I bought for our African trip and that Doug had an extra long sleeve t-shirt ( he’s an eagle scout, he is always prepared), because I was COLD!

After the waterfall we decided to head over to the Pepeekeo Botanical Gardens. On our way to the gardens we saw this little fruit stand, we had to stop and get some fresh pineapples and coconuts. Man I wish Pineapple tasted as good as it does here.

Next Stop was the Gardens…To be honest when we were paying to get into the gardens I was like really $25 per person to look at plants? But after we were done I was like Oh it was soooo worth it, Like I am pretty sure that is what heaven will look like! It was soo beautiful and it took us a lot longer than I thought it would do go through it all too, I literally wanted to take a picture of everything I saw, because it was that beautiful!

After the gardens we headed to town and found some lunch and shopped a little bit… Tyler found out there was a store that had records for super cheap, i think he ended up with 5 or 6 to add to his ever growing collection, so he was very happy! After that we headed to a nearby beach of course. We ended up at Carlsmith Beach Park. We were all pretty exhausted so we didn’t stay too long, because we knew we had a pretty long drive back home. Once we got home we cooked dinner and crashed. Even though I was tired, this may of been my favorite day.

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