Hawaii (Day 4)

Today we didn’t really have plans in the day, we wanted to go to the lava tubes but they were still closed. We knew we couldn’t go too far because we had a luau to go to at 4:30 So we just drove down the freeway until We saw a turn off that we noticed was closed the day before but it was open today so we decided to check it out. It ended up being a very cool surprise… A black sand beach!! This was at Kahilo bay, I really wanted to see a black sand beach and I wasn’t sure we would make it this trip, so this little discovery made me super happy, plus nobody else was there, I mean how cool is that?!?

After exploring we went back to town and to eat and to walked over to The Halihee Palace to hopefully get a tour of it. The Halihee Palace was built in 1838 it was a Historic Vacation Home for Hawaiian Royalty, it is now a museum. Of Course, like almost everything else it was closed! Apparently it isn’t open everyday and you are required to purchase tickets ahead of time. Ya, mama didn’t do her homework very well this trip. OOPS! But we did get to look at and get a few pics.

After we walked back to our car and hit up a few shops on our way back. Then we headed back to the condo’s to shower and get ready for the luau.

The Luau was at the The Royal Kona Resort, called Voyagers of The Pacific. This was only a few minutes from where we were staying which was really nice. They had the traditional luau dinner, with all you can eat and drink, live music and entertainment all while overlooking Kailua Bay. I don’t think you should ever go to Hawaii without going to a luau!

With That being said, we have been to a couple different luau’s and while this one was great, It definitely wasn’t the best one we’ve ever been to, but the kids all enjoyed it and we had a good time and that’s all that really matters. I may be getting a little more picky the older I get? But I just wanted to put that out there just in case you ever go you may want to check out a different one? Like I said before, I didn’t do my homework before this trip, which made me feel so unprepared. But I can’t complain because we had another beautiful day in Paradise!!

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