This has been one of the worst winters we’ve had here in Utah for a very long time, all winters are bad for me but this one has been extra bad! Not only that but for the past 4 years in a row we have gone to Mexico with friends in February which helps me out with the winter blues but this year we didn’t have a trip planned, so I was super sad about it, even though I did have a sisters cruise planned for March, January and February are brutal months for me.

When talking with my brother in laws Dave and Jose about how sad I was that I was not getting out of this cold anytime soon, they offered their place for us to stay in ( they have an apartment a few blocks away from Waikiki beach) since they will be in Utah all of February this year. I literally got off the phone with them and booked Doug and I flights that night! LOL Doug had already taken the time off of work thinking we were going to Mexico again so it really was a no brainer!

We have been to Hawaii multiple times but this was the first time just Doug and I went without our kids or other family members with us! I was pretty excited about spending some alone time with Doug. We literally didn’t plan anything before hand, which is totally not like me at all. I had high hopes of us sleeping in and then strolling to the beach to read books and relax down by the beach every day. Of course the weather had other plans for us. It was a very rainy and chilly week when we were there. I think we got one good day of laying out the other days were just not that warm or sunny. But believe it or not, we still had a good time, I’d take a cold rainy day in Hawaii over a snowy yucky day in Utah any day of the week!! Because of all the rain Hawaii was having it made it even more beautiful when the sun did come out! I just love it there!

We went to the beach, took walks around Waikiki, ate lots and lots of good food, went to the swap meet, watched the sunsets, enjoying the early mornings and evening out on the Lanai, read books ( something I never do) Met up with our good friends from when we lived in St. George, Casey and Cori and their two kids ( which was a pleasant surprise and made me miss them so much!)and I even got a tarot card reading! LOL this was a very chill trip and I loved every minute of it!

When we got back I only had 5 days until my sister’s trip a 7 day cruise to Mexico! I don’t think I realized how close the two trips were until after I booked it… I was exhausted (I know poor me)The Only good thing was I was able to wash all my clothes and just repack most of them instead of putting them all away, am I the only one who loves to travel but absolutely hates packing? I never know what I am going to want to wear and the weather never is what I think it is going to be! I didn’t pack right for rain in Hawaii and I made the same mistakes in Mexico! I don’t think I will ever learn! Maybe that is part of the adventure??


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