Transformation Tuesday: Master Bathroom

The Master Bathroom like everything else was just outdated and needed a nice refresh. I was most excited to have a tub in the master again. It had been over 15 years since I had a tub in our master and I missed it so much! I know most people are getting rid of their tubs but I still like them. The condo we were renting had a nice huge jetted tub like this and I used it all the time, I had a hard time deciding weather to keep the old jetted tub or replace it with a freestanding one. In the end the freestanding just made more sense, both aesthetically and functionally, The jetted tub was so big it took up so much space and I just couldn’t see making all these changes in here and not updating the tub. I found this slipper tub and fell in love with the shape of it and it was shorter and slim enough that I could squeeze in a little make up vanity between it and the shower. I had a nice set up in our last house with a vanity inside my closet and there just wasn’t enough space in this house to do that again, so this was the only way to make that work.

The shower was a little on the small side and since we were coming from a freshly remodeled shower in our last house we had a hard time not wanting another huge shower. This one isn’t as big but we are happy with the size and the fact that it has less glass is a huge plus! While I love the look of glass walls man was it a pain to keep clean! I will not make that mistake again! lol

Also if you look at those pictures above you will notice that the door to the bathroom couldn’t even open up all the way, it hit the bathtub and notice that there was a door to the toilet and the master closest, WAY too many doors in such a small space! I got rid of the two doors and added a barn door to the bathroom entry, It feels so much better without all those doors, In fact in this remodel in just the upstairs we were able to get rid of NINE doors!! NINE! can you believe that?!? There were just way too many doors in this house!

Before I get to the after pics, this bathroom needed to be totally gutted of all that tile and man was it a pain! Doug and I did all the demo in this bathroom ourselves, tub, tile, door jambs, it was no easy feat!

But watching it take shape after we handed things over to the professionals is when the fun part started. I decided to keep the original vanity wood color, Yes this caused a lot of questions even for Doug, he was like shouldn’t we just paint it like the kitchen? I felt like I wanted to keep some of the original wood, I feel like it is a classic color and I didn’t want everything to be painted over and the fact that the floors matched I felt like it tied it all together to keep some of the original wood work. But after being questioned over and over I started to doubt my ideas, but I stuck my ground and kept it.

We updated the hardware, put in new sinks and countertops ( Carrara Acorn Quartz). We added new lights over the vanity and a pendant over the tub. The tile was the hardest for us to pick, there is so many options out there! I stressed about how it would all come together, but I think it all turned out good. Oh and lets not forget we had to have an outlet put by our toilet so we could have a bidet again, once you’ve had one you never want to go back to a normal toilet again! I mean the heated seat alone is worth it for me!! This isn’t the biggest Master bathroom but it’s got everything we need and that’s really all that matters. Someday I will have some artwork hanging above the tub but I haven’t found anything I like yet, so for now I will enjoy having nice clean freshly painted walls.

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