Transformation Tuesday~Master Closet

On my list of things I really wanted in my next house was to have a HUGE separate his and her Master Closets. Of course this house didn’t have that and I was pretty bummed about it. But I had an idea how I could at least get a little more space for us and have semi His/Her closets.

Originally I wanted to knock the whole wall out between the master closet and the laundry room but of course there was a vent and water lines in that dividing wall so we decided to just make a doorway from the master closet into the laundry room and separate that area as Doug’s Closet.

I was bummed at first I wanted to have a huge island in the middle of this closet and I had a vision of what it would look like, but as soon as we found out the wall was full of stuff, I started to get on board with the new idea. I think for the space we were able to turn it into what we wanted, it’s a little on the smaller side than what we were hoping for. The closet guys were able to make use of every inch of that closet. Surprisingly after both Doug and I got real with ourselves and got rid of a bunch of stuff that we don’t really need anymore, we are pretty comfortable in our new closet and so happy with how it turned out!

I of course had to add some blingy lights to my side of the closet, added some fun rugs and a step ladder for my side also because I love how we utilized all the space but I am too short to reach it all! LOL

I wasn’t too sure how I would feel about having the washer and dryer in our closet, well can I just say I feel I’ve waited too long to have this! I love it! Doing Laundry is so much easier for me to just pull the clothes out of the dryer and put away, I never have piles of clean clothes to fold anymore! It also helps that it’s just Doug and I, LOL

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