Transformation Tuesday: Master Bedroom

In the Master bedroom we didn’t have to do too much to it either. Again we painted the walls white, added can lights and changed out the chandelier for a ceiling fan. If you know me at all you know I cant sleep anymore without constant air blowing on me, I run hot at night, it’s no fun! So a ceiling fan is a must!!

Notice the floors, yep we had to pull them out of here for the kitchen/ entryway, which made me very sad. I decided I would try to find wood floors that would blend well with it so that it still felt cohesive. I was able to find some that worked pretty good. It’s not the same, but it also isn’t so obvious it looks weird or chops up the house. Another thing I did was save some of the moldings we took off the door jambs and saved it to have them frame out a fake window. For some reason it kind of bothered me that there was only one window on the one wall where our bed was going, so I bought a mirror and had it painted to look somewhat like a window to even the room out. I am not sure if this is a dumb thing or not but I think my brain likes it better to be even. We also got rid of our bathroom door and added a barn door.

I realized I didn’t take any pics of this room during the process of all the changes. I think because most of the time it was the storage room for all the torn out cabinets so it was always a mess.

Here is the only picture I could find of it after we tore out the flooring and before painting or anything else.

We bought an adjustable bed right when the house closed and it got delivered right away, so we had to work around our bed the entire time too. What a pain… more so for Bryce who had to take all the flooring out and put the new flooring in all while maneuvering this bed around.

And here is a tiny video clip of right after the floors were put down, paint done and mirror put up.

Here is a picture of the original flooring in the hallway where it meets with the new flooring in the bedroom. You can tell it’s different but not enough to let it bother me 🙂

And here it is all done. I think it turned out pretty good. Also there is a view from our bed that is amazing! I am using the old curtains for now for privacy but I hope to someday when my credit card stops smokin’ to get some electric blinds put up on all the windows. Yes I realized after I took pictures that my comforter was on crooked and my pillows weren’t expertly fluffed, but you know what guys, this is real life, I walked up stairs and snapped these pics, I had an off day in my bed making and that’s ok, and I am way too lazy to go up and take more so here it is, true raw pics… I am not perfect and don’t pretend to be! LOL

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