Transformation Tuesday: Family Room

This room we didn’t do very much to it at all but the small changes we did do made a huge difference! First off painting it all white made all the difference. I cant believe how much of a difference! Also getting rid of all the curtains, this was probably one of the first things I did once we had keys in hand. I just like a much more clean look.

I actually liked the fireplace with the brick around it, but I felt like it needed to be beefed up if I was going to keep it. I had the contractor build up the mantle by adding a box on top of the mantle to give it the look I was going for and I decided to keep the board and batten look that I had going in the entryway and powder room and add some to it. The original plan was to paint it the same dark color as the kitchen but last minute we changed our minds and went with white. I actually like the white now, but at the time I felt like maybe I had made a mistake. But once we got the TV up, I realized I wouldn’t have liked it as much had it been dark, so we were right to change it.

Speaking of TV’s, I struggled with putting the TV over the fireplace, It seemed like it was going to be too high up and we’ve lived with that before, so I found a solution. I got us a Mantle Mount. It is the coolest mount, You can pull it down when watching TV and then put it back up to it’s original position when not in use. It was a little more than an average mount, but well worth it!

In this room they had a little nook that they used as a little tv watching area, I wanted that to be where my booth would go (our dinner table). I decided I wanted to give that little area a little extra pop and added some wallpaper and a fun pendant light.

We got rid of all the pendant lights they had and added more can lights, updated the exsisting cans and added a nice ceiling fan. That is all we had to do to this area and it made a huge difference!

I really like the way this room turned out. But the views from the back windows get me every time, it’s just soo pretty out there!! The biggest complaint Doug had about our last home was that there wasn’t any good views from our windows, well you can’t say that about this house! I am amazed everyday!!

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