Transformation Tuesday: Kitchen

The cabinets in this house you could tell were nice and that someone had spent a lot of money on them back in the day. We decided to repurpose all of the cabinets in the house, because we knew that A- it would cost tons to replace them all and B- It could take months to get new ones and C- there was nothing wrong with these, so we decided to work around with what we had. For some reason I could picture what I wanted this kitchen to look like from day one. I knew I wanted floating shelves instead of uppers, I wanted lots of tile on the walls and I wanted all the floors to match the existing floors they had in the family room. I loved the floors the moment I saw them, they are just classic wood, I know these wouldn’t be considered “trendy” right now, but I believe these will always be in style. I also knew I wanted either white cabinets or dark ones or maybe a mixture of both?

We decided to keep all the old white appliances and use them in our butler’s pantry. We also took the tall pantry cabinet to use in the pantry also. We did end up having to have a couple of cabinets made to fit around our new ovens and a few drawers, but everything else we were able to reuse. We even added a laundry room cabinet that was used as a clothes hamper cabinet and turned it into our trashcan cabinet. We pushed out the kitchen a couple of feet because we weren’t going to be putting a table in between the family room and Kitchen as the previous owners did.

I had decided to paint the whole house white to give it a clean fresh update. But by doing that I realized that an all white kitchen would probably be way too much white so that helped me in my decision to go with darker cabinets. I chose Peppercorn by Sherwin Williams. I loved how it turned out!! I knew if I did go with dark I would have to do brass hardware, it just looks so good together, I also mixed in a black faucet, I like to mix metals. We went with the stainless steel Kitchen Aid appliances, we actually went out the next day after the closing on the house and ordered them because we knew it would take months to get. We got pretty lucky most of them came pretty quickly, we had them sitting in the garage for months. LOL But the dishwasher took forever to get and we were so glad we ordered it when we did because it kept getting put on back order. I am not sure why dishwashers are so hard to get right now?

The flooring was another issue. We found the wood that was in the family room and ordered more so that the flooring would all be the same from the entryway to kitchen to family room, just to give it a nice cohesive flow. After three weeks we got a call saying the flooring has been discontinued and they can no longer fill our order! I was so upset. I knew I didn’t want to break up the flow and I already had planned everything else out in my mind around having this floor. So we went with plan B. We had the same wood floors in our master bedroom and closet. So we had our flooring guy ( shout out to Supreme Flooring aka Bryce Curtis) rip out all that wood without destroying it and hopefully have enough to reuse it in the kitchen\entryway. Luckily we had enough and it turned out great!! I can’t tell you how stressful that was. I don’t do well when things don’t go as planned.

When looking for tile for the backsplash, I knew this is where I wanted to splurge a little, I wanted to tile all the way up around the floating shelves. When I saw the ZELLIGE PERLA POLISHED CERAMIC TILE I knew that it was the one! It was so pretty and simple all at the same time and a little different than your usual subway tile. I also found the perfect countertops for what I was looking for, A simple white with a subtle design that would go in every room we needed countertops for, we went with Quartz Calacatta Acorn.

When I say I saw a vision in my mind, this literally turned out exactly as I pictured it, I cant tell you how happy I am! It may not be for everyone, but for me, It just makes me happy. I sit on my couch and look at it all the time and just think of how far this has come!

By keeping the same layout it made it cheaper and easier to update. my only regret is that I didn’t make my island a little wider, but we were worried about it being too crowded with the refrigerator, other than that, I am beyond happy with how it all turned out.

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