Doug has to get a certain number of Continuing Education hours each year and so he usually attends a conference every year to get those hours and I always tag along with him. We have been able to go and see a lot of different places doing these trips, lots of places we never would visit otherwise, and Indianapolis is Definitely on that list of places I have no idea why we would ever visit otherwise.

We really didn’t make any plans in advance which isn’t like me, I usually do a bunch of research before going somewhere and make a list of all the must see things to do. This time around we just played it by ear. We stayed at the Downtown Convention Center which was so nice because everything was connected, we literally could walk to almost anything we wanted to do or see.

We ended up doing a lot of fun things and eating a lot of food and a lot of just sitting in our hotel room binge watching Netflix, It was actually a very much needed break for the both of us.

One of the highlights of our Trip was going to a baseball game.

That is kind of a tradition of ours to go to a game when we are away, and were excited to see there was a game. We didn’t buy tickets before so when we walked up to the ticket booth this nice man and his daughter stopped us and said do you need tickets? We were like ya, and he said here, and he handed us two tickets, we tried to pay him for them but he insisted we take them! That was such a nice surprise. These were great tickets, they were even behind home plate! There is something so fun about going to a ball game, even if we didn’t know either of the teams.

After the game we walked around and ran into the river walk and I saw the swan pedal boats and knew we just had to do that. Poor Doug has to go along with all my crazy Oh We HAVE to do that things! LOL

I totally was so excited to ride these that I sort of forgot how I have bad knees and how pedaling this boat would reek havoc on them… boy was I sorry after, but even with sore knees for the rest of the week, it was Totally worth it! And the scenery was beautiful!!

We learned that the Indy 500 was practicing that week so we took an Uber one day to the Speedway to watch the practice. WHOA I knew these cars went fast and I’ve seen it on tv but there is no way to describe how Loud and Fast these cars are really going without actually being there! It was very cool! It also explained why my flight to Indianapolis was soooooo expensive, Like I probably spent more to fly there then to go to Africa last year! I was not aware of the Indy 500 stuff, and how much of a big deal it was until now… so now I get it.

Indianapolis was a very pretty town with lots of cool architecture and buildings. wish I would of taken more pictures, I slacked big time this trip. We really enjoyed our time here and I am glad we were able to check it out.

OH I also always play the lotto or buy Scratch off tickets when we are on vacation because we don’t have the lotto in Utah. I have scratched off plenty of my share of scratchers and I think the most I have ever won was like $20 or $30, well this trip I bought a total of 4 tickets. 2 separate times, so 2 tickets each time, and All 4 tickets were winners?!? What are the odds of that? One of them was a $50 winner! I was soo happy! and No I didn’t buy more tickets with it, this time I pocketed the money and walked away! winner, winner chicken dinner!!

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